Medusa Welcomes You!

Jul 25, 2009


Why the heck is my usershare link for *MTRBW* acting up? DAMNIT!
& now zshare isn't monitoring the amount of downloads something has, so I'm extra upset!

But wtv, last time I checked I was at...............................

1,370 downloads in less than a month! So I'm ultimately happy! Success!!!!!! :-D

Next Up?? If you're following me on twitter you know what it is! If not I will most certainly fill you in now!

The title of my next project is.....

*Prestige & Promise*

Basically, I fell in love with that live band sound that the Menahan Street Band delivers. So now, I want to take that sound (horns, piano, guitars, live drums, etc) & add more of a hip-hop edge to it. Very refreshing & raw!!

The entire project is damn near finished (written) & all that's left now is the recording. This one will be hosted by P&P (of course) & also by Sixty4Harmony!!

Thinking about releasing it on my birthday (9-20). That'll be a real nice gift from myself to myself. I attempted this same thing last year. I wanted to release *Welcome To Medusaville* on my b-day, but I was so anxious to release it, I ended up putting it out on Sept 9th or some day around that time.

Anyway, stay on the lookout for that. I'm planning on recording it sometime within the next week or two & from there I'll decide on how I will promote it. Got a few nice features on there as well, but I won't speak on that just yet. As far as producers, I have Flair of JJM/Souldiggaz, my brother Charlie Hilton, my homie B. motherloving Logik, Doctor Rosen Rosen, Rishaad, Woody, Thelonious, Tony (TD Mizzle) & I think that's everybody for now!

Once again, stay on the lookout ya'll !!!


Today I have a potentially big/important meeting on South Street Seaport. Depending on what's being spoken about & how it goes, it could be big. So pray for me ya'll!! Even you read this after today; still pray that it went good!!


Jul 19, 2009

Interview W/ Sixty4Harmony!

Definitely a dope interview so please check it out! & please leave a comment also!

Ramzy Interview @ Sixty4Harmony


Jul 3, 2009

*Make The Road By Walking* IS HERE!

Just released it @ 12 mid-night. From 12a-4a I've received a bunch of great reviews from ppl on this project! I definitely appreciate the love & support from the bottom of my heart!!

As I've been constantly saying on my twitter, this is not for the ignorant & it's not a mixtape. It's a project/album full of soulful music w/ substance & a message.

I hope you all enjoy it & get something from it that may help you in life!!

*MTRBW* via zshare

*MTRBW* via usershare

& I'm also going to pull a Charlie Hilton move! Post every site that has showed love & posted *MTRBW* here: