Medusa Welcomes You!

Aug 25, 2009

Upcoming Shows

This Saturday, August 29th, I will be in Danbury, CT. Check the flyer below to see who else is on the bill!!

Sept 1st is my manager's, Cutiepye, "On The Rise Show" Pt 2. Flyer below

2009 UMA's "Artist To Watch"

Held at B.B. Kings in NYC (42nd st Times Sq)! Over 1,000 ppl were in attendance. The beautiful D. Vasquez from Hot 97 was the host. DMC of Run-DMC, Freeway & Red Cafe were in the building & killed the stage, well, except Red Cafe.

And yours truly took home the UMA for "Artist To Watch"!
Here is my little acceptance speech:


Aug 17, 2009

My Eye Candy (Updated)

If any of ya'll were checking my blog out before I had accidently deleted it then you've seen this post before. When I first did it I only had 2 females in it, which were Paula Patton & Zulay Henao. Well no Zulay this time, but Paula is still my #1. & now I've decided to included a few more women to the list! I think every dude with working eyes should agree with these! And this isn't in any specific order after Paula!!! Enjoy :-D
Screw Robin Thicke!! Paula is just down right all the way beautiful to me!
Screw Kanye as well! Amber is different; a very good different tho!
Alicia has been bad since forever. She sings, writes & plays the piano. & that is HER hair! (She's mixed)
Her last name fits her very well! You see them lips?
New New definitely got it!
Had to steal this from Kim's twitter page. Lord!! I think that sex tape kind of raised her stock value also! Still bad without it!!
Ms. Motherfu*king Keri BABY!!! Fin!
I've been a Beyonce stan since day 1!! Jay can dig a hole & burry himself!
This girl popped up out the blue thanks to Drake. But Good Googly Moogly Rosa! Can't stand her accent tho, so I'll steer clear of her interviews!
Another one who I've been digging since day one when I saw her cameo in some old Roc video!
She's in a group called the Pussy Cat Dolls; come on now! F*ck Timbaland as well cause he's in a video w/ both Nicole & Keri!! Ol' producing a$$ n*gga!
The Harajuku Barbie herself!!!
Thanks to Transformers 1&2, I think Megan Fox is on every dudes 'to do list'!


Aug 13, 2009

Live on Tusabe Radio Monday Aug 10th!! (If You Missed It)

In case you missed me live on Tusabe Radio this past Monday w/ DJ Kep & DJ Looster check the video out here!!

Check it out HERE


Aug 7, 2009

"Brief Intermission"

Umm, yea...check HERE also!


Aug 4, 2009

"Superhuman" Visual

Superhuman - Frank Ramz from Spencer Tuckerman on Vimeo.

Here's a visual for my Charlie Hilton produced track, "Superhuman"! Everything was shot & also edited by Spencer Tuckerman! Be sure to also check it out on PigeonsAndPlanes !


Reneeka Rae Review

Didn't even think ppl were still downloading & listening to *MTRBW*. But now that I think about it again, that was a rather dumb thing to think!

Anyway, Rae just reviewed *MTRBW* at her blog titled The Ultra Violet Dream & it's a dope review! :-D So be sure to check it out!

*MTRBW* Review @ The Ultra Violet Dream