Medusa Welcomes You!

Oct 16, 2009

"THE Big Deal" Video!

And shout out to the blogs who posted it as well!! Much fucking love!!!!!!!!!!!


Oct 4, 2009

What's Next?

I will definitely tell you this much....the project I put out next will be IT! I'm not going to reveal anything about it just yet & I will be absent from twitter until this next project is completely done!

*Prestige & Promise* will be put out sometime after this project, so you can say for now it is on pause. Keep your eyes & ears open cause you will just see my shit start popping up!!

Next project:

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Oct 3, 2009

"Opposition" + Lyrics!

New track called "Opposition" produced by my homie Thelonious! Download link & lyrics below!!!

Opposition | Zshare

Everything that's the opposite of right,
Always feels the opposite wrong.
I like to sleep in the opposite of night,
But my urge to sleep is the opposite strong.
& I'm the opposite of fake,
& all these other haters are the opposites of real.
& I'm..starting to run out of opposites to make,
But really..I don't care how the opposition feels!
So do the opposite of stay
My bars are straight..they the opposite of gay
Man I'm still waiting on my wings to grow cause one things fa' sho is that I got to get away!!!
I'm tryna shed the opposite of dark
Bringing light to the people who the opposite smart
You just can't cut the opposite of sharp
I'm a ginsu..aiming at the competitions heart. Like...

I see the opposition
Plot to get in
My position
But they can't stop my mission
Not to mention
Block my vision

I'm all alone on this cold earth
All the pain I sustained made my soul hurt
Yea I'm a new boy..but I ain't no jerk
Put me up against the competition..see who fold first!

I ain't even got to lie..shorty know my paper thin, but she like my 'em on sale @ H&M.
Plus she outshining me..wearing all that gator skin, BUT..when I'm on a beat..shawty know I play to win!
That's why she roll with me..cause she know the flow spiffy, you look @ me with ya eyes closed..I'm so jiggy.
She said, "Baby that don't matter that is no biggie, You one of the few real dudes out the whole city!"
& she so pretty and so witty unlike others, & she don't give a damn bout skinny's & bright colors.
Cause if I wore those my jimmy just might smother, so the only thing that's hugging my jimmy is tight rubbers!
Really a nice lover when I'm under the covers, & I give her her space..I don't be wanting to bug her.
& I front like I love her..but when I'm done I give her number to others..she finds out the she utters....

Amen! No church in the house
Just verses about
How I'm working 'em out
& everytime a rhyme disperse from my mouth
I make sure it's nothing for a person to doubt
I'm certain about where I'm @ with the raps
Yea I'm untouchable like Casper..but black
But still I feel like I'm all by my lonely
A king in my own mind & they tryna dethrone me
Only myself can stop me
The weak bars I dealt can melt ya top 3
& I don't need no help from posses'
Or a crew
Just to show the opposition how I do!

Damn right I'ma take it to the house
Damn right I'ma take it to the house
Damn right I'ma take it to the house
Any competition come I'ma break em til they out!

I see the opposition
Plot to get in
My position
But they can't stop my mission
Not to mention
Block my vision


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