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Dec 24, 2009

Rosa In KING Mag!

Ok so they're really just going to make me keep posting these pics huh?? Here's some Rosa Acosta!!


Dec 19, 2009

"Fat Raps Ramzy"

Check it out @ P&P as well for all that extra sh*t that I wrote!


Dec 18, 2009

King Mag Relaunch - The Women Of King

King Mag supposedly died out...for whatever reason. & now they're back with a relaunch issue with Rosa Acosta on the cover. Anyhoot, I just peeped these pics & def wanted to share this eye candy with the fellas who check my blog out. Shit, even the ladies..I know ya'll look too! ENJOY!

Dec 14, 2009

"The Traitor" on

Finally! Ya'll be sure to check out "The Traitor" (off of *Make The Road By Walking*) now on!! Leave a comment as well!

I didn't even know my sh*t was up there. My brother J-Slugz called me and put me onto it. Dope! Click the link below to check it out!

"The Traitor" on


Dec 3, 2009


I've been truly neglecting my blog! I'm either posting over @ Pigeons & Planes or I'm on my Twitter!

Of course I've been writing new sh*t like I have no damn life...just released these 4 cuts a few days ago.

Does She Notice? (Prod. by Charlie Hilton)

Baddest Night (Prod. by Charlie Hilton)

Euphoria (Prod. by B. Logik)

Brother Gone Work It Out (Prod. by Flair)

Now, the next project I'm coming out with will be an EP called *Frankly Speaking...*.
As you can see it's going to be hosted by p&p, hilkoo & sixty4harmony as well! Cover art done by Charlie Hilton! I wanted it to be bright & stand out so no matter what blog you see this cover posted up on, you'll ask yourself, "WTF?".

But like I said, this will just be an EP..a prelude to the full mixtape which is *Quite Frankly...*. This one doesn't have a cover just yet. & neither the EP nor the full mixtape have a track listing yet! But everything is basically written; & everyday that passes that I'm not in the studio, I WRITE MORE SH*T! So these projects will be worth the wait...the EP may end up being a full length tape as well....depending on what Ima feel like doing w/ all the extra tracks!
Honestly, I need a good 10-12 hours in the studio for everything that I have written...& I lay down tracks in imagine how many joints I have!

Away from music, my baby shower is tomorrow (Fri, Dec 4th). I'm not all hyped up about the actual baby shower, but I'm hype as f*ck for my daughter...I'm ready for her to pop out right now!!!!!!!!!!!!
But all this baby shower hoopla is making me sick to my stomach. Good thing about it; gifts for the baby & I'll get to see all my friends @ the same time.

It's also looking like it's about that time for me to get a damn job...........again! I swear I'm not an order taking ass n*gga!! With my music, I create what I want...when I want. But looking at the bigger picture, I'm gone have to go thru with it & get back on this payroll.

Reached out to a few ppl for collabo's on the project as well..but I'm not the type to chase & harrast n*ggaz...either they do it or they don't. No hard feelings, I'ma just keep my train choo choo'ing!

& since I mentioned my daughter up there, let me talk about this Pleasure P sh*t! Back in 05 when this fool was about 16/17, he fingered his little niece. I think he might've also did something to his nephew but I'm not sure. He did 8 months in prison, community service & rehab...f*ck that..he deserved more!
But anyhoot, either him or his label had offered to pay a lawyer 30,000 to keep that case QUIET..being that he was w/ Pretty Ricky and they didn't want to kill his image! WELL, seems like they didn't pay that bread & the sh*t done hit the's all out in the public! I found out cause dude was a trending topic on twitter...and I knew his music wasn't that good.

Come to find out, this was part of the real reason why him & Pretty Ricky parted up about it HERE!

NOW, I have about 6 nieces, 2 nephews, a few godkids & a daughter on the way...If he would've been my cousin & did that to any of them, he would've got ME! Broom sticks up his ass, scortching hot water porn on his bare d*ck...the works! Just the thought of someone touching a young female in my family like that makes me go off!!!!

Uuuuummmmmmm, I think that's all...hopefully I'll be in the studio soon to finish up this damn project. Need to speak w/ management asap!! Now watch this with me...

Ed Lover's "C'mon Son pt. 7"


Oct 16, 2009

"THE Big Deal" Video!

And shout out to the blogs who posted it as well!! Much fucking love!!!!!!!!!!!


Oct 4, 2009

What's Next?

I will definitely tell you this much....the project I put out next will be IT! I'm not going to reveal anything about it just yet & I will be absent from twitter until this next project is completely done!

*Prestige & Promise* will be put out sometime after this project, so you can say for now it is on pause. Keep your eyes & ears open cause you will just see my shit start popping up!!

Next project:

*_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _*


Oct 3, 2009

"Opposition" + Lyrics!

New track called "Opposition" produced by my homie Thelonious! Download link & lyrics below!!!

Opposition | Zshare

Everything that's the opposite of right,
Always feels the opposite wrong.
I like to sleep in the opposite of night,
But my urge to sleep is the opposite strong.
& I'm the opposite of fake,
& all these other haters are the opposites of real.
& I'm..starting to run out of opposites to make,
But really..I don't care how the opposition feels!
So do the opposite of stay
My bars are straight..they the opposite of gay
Man I'm still waiting on my wings to grow cause one things fa' sho is that I got to get away!!!
I'm tryna shed the opposite of dark
Bringing light to the people who the opposite smart
You just can't cut the opposite of sharp
I'm a ginsu..aiming at the competitions heart. Like...

I see the opposition
Plot to get in
My position
But they can't stop my mission
Not to mention
Block my vision

I'm all alone on this cold earth
All the pain I sustained made my soul hurt
Yea I'm a new boy..but I ain't no jerk
Put me up against the competition..see who fold first!

I ain't even got to lie..shorty know my paper thin, but she like my 'em on sale @ H&M.
Plus she outshining me..wearing all that gator skin, BUT..when I'm on a beat..shawty know I play to win!
That's why she roll with me..cause she know the flow spiffy, you look @ me with ya eyes closed..I'm so jiggy.
She said, "Baby that don't matter that is no biggie, You one of the few real dudes out the whole city!"
& she so pretty and so witty unlike others, & she don't give a damn bout skinny's & bright colors.
Cause if I wore those my jimmy just might smother, so the only thing that's hugging my jimmy is tight rubbers!
Really a nice lover when I'm under the covers, & I give her her space..I don't be wanting to bug her.
& I front like I love her..but when I'm done I give her number to others..she finds out the she utters....

Amen! No church in the house
Just verses about
How I'm working 'em out
& everytime a rhyme disperse from my mouth
I make sure it's nothing for a person to doubt
I'm certain about where I'm @ with the raps
Yea I'm untouchable like Casper..but black
But still I feel like I'm all by my lonely
A king in my own mind & they tryna dethrone me
Only myself can stop me
The weak bars I dealt can melt ya top 3
& I don't need no help from posses'
Or a crew
Just to show the opposition how I do!

Damn right I'ma take it to the house
Damn right I'ma take it to the house
Damn right I'ma take it to the house
Any competition come I'ma break em til they out!

I see the opposition
Plot to get in
My position
But they can't stop my mission
Not to mention
Block my vision


Shout out to those showing support to me & my music as well!! Here are the sites that are showing love to this particular track:

Sep 29, 2009

The "Seeing Sounds" Blog!

Please be sure to check out my baby Nas Ramz new blog site called Seeing Sounds! As she stated, it's like a window into her world! She covers things that interest her from music, fashion, poem, her artwork, news & much more! Oh yea, I am also a writer over there as well! :-D

So far over there you can find a nice interview with Trey Songz in which he discusses his celebrity sex life + more, Mashonda's open letter to Alicia Keys, a Battle Of The Sexes (Women Cheating Vs. Men Cheating) & now Male & Female celebs leaked...Naked!!

Be sure to check it out regularly, subscribe to it..all that!


Sep 23, 2009

"Show Em How To Move" Video

Lyrics below! And here is the audio rip of the video courtesy of my HILKOO family!!

Frank Ramz - "Show Em How To Move" (Audio Rip)


not another brother can maneuver like me, word to my mother I'm as smooth as ice be.
biting through you fuckers with some cougar like teeth, & I can turn your lover to my newest wifey.
but thats unlikely..cause I dnt like she, she fuck with them lil' niggaz..they doing the light feet.
they doing the chicken noodle..what's up with this chickens' noodles?, Ramz a pit bull she kicking it with them poodles.
them niggaz bark..but I'd rather bite, the more the better..I got a huge appetite.
we going to the top but I got a faster flight, so when you catch up with'll be your afterlife.
so please pass the mic to a rapper that can use it better, if you abuse it we gone start up a huge vendetta.
so you should let a professional get crazy on it then, ..make sure you pull out some paper & a pen. cause ima.. I step back in the mix..with the raps that I spit..& the tracks that I rip.
couple cats on my could act like a bitch..cause we racing..but I be overlapping them pricks.
so they hating..tryna say I'm basic, I just took initiative while ya'll niggaz was waiting.
all the time you wasting..talking bout the moves that you making, you still in your moms moved to the basement.
you dudes are mistaken..I'm hotter then you'd ever be, 360 dropping to the 70's.
that just means my hustle is never ending, & if they listen to music it's me they recommending.
to you..if you want something true, & even the fake niggaz can go & bump it too.
cause everytime I rap I black with great quotes, so you should just sit back..relax & take notes.


Sep 21, 2009

"It's On" Ft. ThreatZ

Here's another joint off of *Prestige & Promise* that I decided to release on this #musicmonday called "It's On!" featuring my Bronx homie ThreatZ. Click it below b*tches!!

Sep 17, 2009

"Showtime" Ft. HiCLAS! (Lyrics)

Frank Ramz Ft. HiCLAS! - "Showtime"

I just found out via my homie Rogo that this song was on a blog! Huh? It's on!
And I personally dnt like how my vocals sound so just in case there is a time during this verse in which you mofo's dnt know what I'm saying..just click the above link and read along!

I'm far from the regular..bars that'll level ya, barge thru ya squad I'm too hard for competitors.
I got a whole armory..arson..etcetera, go blow for blow..and exchange scars with the predator.
call me one hell of a..guy with the eyes of a tiger, the heart of a lion when I ride on you nigers!
we shining..go cover up your eyes with some visors, I love me slide up inside her.
with no rubber..the flow butter now get the butter knife, watch me spread it over the beat..I bet you love it right?
real lyrics never a gimmick cause I'm the rugid type, get up off my genitals dog thats for my other wife.
I hug the mic like my life is depending on it, deliver shivers with a flow like December mornings.
it's so frios..bag em like do-ritos, you dudes never were real call em pino-chio.

As far as rap what you gonna do?, I never slack man I'm back on my number 2.
you falling short cause that's what all that slumber do, sleeping when you got room for improvement right in front of you.
I'm doing this for the Bronx..yea we here New York, HiCLAS is repping the Chi like he scared to talk.
You put the two together homie thats a scary thought, I'm on these haters like cologne..they trying to wear me off.
you was the first kid with Bow Wows newest poster, I'm looking now and thats the same thing you do with Soulja.
I was the kid with boiling water in his super soaker, got some loose screws..but I aint never lose composure.
my jams knock like a fat lady knees, more soul then a truck load of black a.c.g.'s
and we can do a one on one..ima hold mines, no Entourage for Ramzy..this is Showtime!


Sep 13, 2009

"Thanks, You're Welcome"

Here is the intro track off of *Prestige & Promise* called "Thanks, You're Welcome", produced by my homie B. Logik.

Sep 11, 2009


Keri Hilson's "Slow Dance" video!!! Good Googly Moogly!

Sep 10, 2009

Score & G.P. Freestyle

During my rooftop award celebration there was a nice freestyle session. I went first (still waiting on that footage) & then my two right hands who are way better than me finished it off!! This is only a little bit of it. Score starts it off & then G.P. is up next!! BIG shout out to the homies Roger & Troy! Very talented photographers and dope video directors/editors! Will be some collaborations between myself & them in the near future so look out for that!

Sep 4, 2009

"Not Too Far"

I did a nice little 7 hour session in the studio today. Didn't get to record everything I wanted but I did 19 so oh well. Anyway, here's one of the joints I did called "Not Too Far". Produced by Dax Miller!!

Whenever you feel like you're about to give up, remember it's not too far! Nothing can stop you..motivation >

Aug 25, 2009

Upcoming Shows

This Saturday, August 29th, I will be in Danbury, CT. Check the flyer below to see who else is on the bill!!

Sept 1st is my manager's, Cutiepye, "On The Rise Show" Pt 2. Flyer below

2009 UMA's "Artist To Watch"

Held at B.B. Kings in NYC (42nd st Times Sq)! Over 1,000 ppl were in attendance. The beautiful D. Vasquez from Hot 97 was the host. DMC of Run-DMC, Freeway & Red Cafe were in the building & killed the stage, well, except Red Cafe.

And yours truly took home the UMA for "Artist To Watch"!
Here is my little acceptance speech:


Aug 17, 2009

My Eye Candy (Updated)

If any of ya'll were checking my blog out before I had accidently deleted it then you've seen this post before. When I first did it I only had 2 females in it, which were Paula Patton & Zulay Henao. Well no Zulay this time, but Paula is still my #1. & now I've decided to included a few more women to the list! I think every dude with working eyes should agree with these! And this isn't in any specific order after Paula!!! Enjoy :-D
Screw Robin Thicke!! Paula is just down right all the way beautiful to me!
Screw Kanye as well! Amber is different; a very good different tho!
Alicia has been bad since forever. She sings, writes & plays the piano. & that is HER hair! (She's mixed)
Her last name fits her very well! You see them lips?
New New definitely got it!
Had to steal this from Kim's twitter page. Lord!! I think that sex tape kind of raised her stock value also! Still bad without it!!
Ms. Motherfu*king Keri BABY!!! Fin!
I've been a Beyonce stan since day 1!! Jay can dig a hole & burry himself!
This girl popped up out the blue thanks to Drake. But Good Googly Moogly Rosa! Can't stand her accent tho, so I'll steer clear of her interviews!
Another one who I've been digging since day one when I saw her cameo in some old Roc video!
She's in a group called the Pussy Cat Dolls; come on now! F*ck Timbaland as well cause he's in a video w/ both Nicole & Keri!! Ol' producing a$$ n*gga!
The Harajuku Barbie herself!!!
Thanks to Transformers 1&2, I think Megan Fox is on every dudes 'to do list'!


Aug 13, 2009

Live on Tusabe Radio Monday Aug 10th!! (If You Missed It)

In case you missed me live on Tusabe Radio this past Monday w/ DJ Kep & DJ Looster check the video out here!!

Check it out HERE


Aug 7, 2009

"Brief Intermission"

Umm, yea...check HERE also!


Aug 4, 2009

"Superhuman" Visual

Superhuman - Frank Ramz from Spencer Tuckerman on Vimeo.

Here's a visual for my Charlie Hilton produced track, "Superhuman"! Everything was shot & also edited by Spencer Tuckerman! Be sure to also check it out on PigeonsAndPlanes !


Reneeka Rae Review

Didn't even think ppl were still downloading & listening to *MTRBW*. But now that I think about it again, that was a rather dumb thing to think!

Anyway, Rae just reviewed *MTRBW* at her blog titled The Ultra Violet Dream & it's a dope review! :-D So be sure to check it out!

*MTRBW* Review @ The Ultra Violet Dream


Jul 25, 2009


Why the heck is my usershare link for *MTRBW* acting up? DAMNIT!
& now zshare isn't monitoring the amount of downloads something has, so I'm extra upset!

But wtv, last time I checked I was at...............................

1,370 downloads in less than a month! So I'm ultimately happy! Success!!!!!! :-D

Next Up?? If you're following me on twitter you know what it is! If not I will most certainly fill you in now!

The title of my next project is.....

*Prestige & Promise*

Basically, I fell in love with that live band sound that the Menahan Street Band delivers. So now, I want to take that sound (horns, piano, guitars, live drums, etc) & add more of a hip-hop edge to it. Very refreshing & raw!!

The entire project is damn near finished (written) & all that's left now is the recording. This one will be hosted by P&P (of course) & also by Sixty4Harmony!!

Thinking about releasing it on my birthday (9-20). That'll be a real nice gift from myself to myself. I attempted this same thing last year. I wanted to release *Welcome To Medusaville* on my b-day, but I was so anxious to release it, I ended up putting it out on Sept 9th or some day around that time.

Anyway, stay on the lookout for that. I'm planning on recording it sometime within the next week or two & from there I'll decide on how I will promote it. Got a few nice features on there as well, but I won't speak on that just yet. As far as producers, I have Flair of JJM/Souldiggaz, my brother Charlie Hilton, my homie B. motherloving Logik, Doctor Rosen Rosen, Rishaad, Woody, Thelonious, Tony (TD Mizzle) & I think that's everybody for now!

Once again, stay on the lookout ya'll !!!


Today I have a potentially big/important meeting on South Street Seaport. Depending on what's being spoken about & how it goes, it could be big. So pray for me ya'll!! Even you read this after today; still pray that it went good!!


Jul 19, 2009

Interview W/ Sixty4Harmony!

Definitely a dope interview so please check it out! & please leave a comment also!

Ramzy Interview @ Sixty4Harmony


Jul 3, 2009

*Make The Road By Walking* IS HERE!

Just released it @ 12 mid-night. From 12a-4a I've received a bunch of great reviews from ppl on this project! I definitely appreciate the love & support from the bottom of my heart!!

As I've been constantly saying on my twitter, this is not for the ignorant & it's not a mixtape. It's a project/album full of soulful music w/ substance & a message.

I hope you all enjoy it & get something from it that may help you in life!!

*MTRBW* via zshare

*MTRBW* via usershare

& I'm also going to pull a Charlie Hilton move! Post every site that has showed love & posted *MTRBW* here:


Jun 20, 2009

*Make The Road By Walking* drops July 3rd @ P&P!

I am crazy excited about this project!!! :-D

Musically, I went to a completely different level. Obviously it was inspired by the Menahan Street Band so be sure to check them out!

I don't want anyone thinking that this is a mixtape!! NO, it's an album to me, or you can call it a project. This project is not for the ignorant AT ALL!!!

Simply put, I looked into the original sample from Jay-Z's "Roc Boys". Found out it was the Menahan Street Band & immediately looked into their work. Found out that the original sample was titled "Make The Road By Walking", which was also the name of the album it was on. Brought the album, loved every track on it & was instantly inspired to do something to each track. I kept all of their titles and basically kept the same album art also And there aren't any curses on this project; family friendly! :-D.

Basically, we are all trying to make the road by walking. We are taking small steps everyday towards our goals in life. Some ppl may even be walking in reverse. Wtv. But during this walk, we go thru alot of ups and downs that may get us sidetracked. At the end of the day, we must take the good with the bad and keep it moving on this road.

I posted ^that^ over at Pigeons And Planes (which is like my new home).

*Make The Road By Walking* drops July 3rd @ Pigeons And Planes!


Jun 4, 2009

"The Traitor"

"The Traitor" off of *Make The Road By Walking* is here, exclusively @ Pigeons And Planes!

"The Traitor"


Jun 3, 2009

"Young, Fresh & Cool" Ringtone

So I now have a ringtone that you can all purchase. "Young, Fresh & Cool" is now available for you all to download and it's only $2.99!

Click HERE for it now!

OH! & just something random for those who didn't know,



May 27, 2009

Charlie Hilton Presents: *GOOD FOOD*

Get your plates, forks, spoons and napkins @ the ready ladies & gentlemen because *Good Food* is here!

Charlie Hilton Presents : *Good Food*

You can also check it out @ 2DopeBoyz & my home away from home, Pigeons And Planes!


May 25, 2009


So my love has finally started up her blog site, NasFX. I am most certainly proud of her for this. There she will be showcasing her artistry for all to see. Be sure to swing thru there and check it out. Even better, become a follower!

In case you didn't know, she is responsible for the artwork of *No Effort Involed*, *Falling Up* & my soon to be released project, *Make The Road By Walking*. Once again, go to the site to check it all out!


May 15, 2009

*Falling Up* Show Footage!

Courtesy of the good folks at & InTheLoopNY. Good Look!!


May 13, 2009

"Make The Road By Walking" (Next Project)

I'm not really going to get deep into details on this one.
Just know that the writing for it is completely DONE!
Next is the recording which will commence soon!
& this joint will be exclusively hosted by Pigeons & Planes!
Maybe some other place(s); illRoots, 2db'z?? who knows!

I have the artwork & all that, but I'll reveal once the recording starts!

ALSO, this project has not one curse word on it. The most I say is damn. :-D
It's crazy because my extra religious Aunt told me the other day that I will definately make it once I put out something without profanity.
*Make The Road By Walking*


2dopeboyz & illRoots

So 2dopeboyz has featured my "DopeRamz" & *Falling Up*. Check it here...

& illRoots has featured *Falling Up*

thats all


May 12, 2009

May 11th *Falling Up* Show

Last night was great!!!

Definately didn't have the turn out I wanted, but I still put on a great show as if the venue was packed. And I still made that damn club their money!

Big shout out to my homie G.P. for holding me down on the stage & to everyone who showed up! You guys realized how important this night was to me, and for that I love ya'll from the bottom of my heart!

To those who didn't show up, forget I exist! Moving on....

So the little asian lady at The Annex tried to get me for $70. At first I spoke to her with just myself and my man Score, but she tried to play me. Talking to me in a very disrespectful manner, so I came back in there with about 14 dudes. Now I didn't want to be black, but if you would've heard how she was talking to me, YOU probably would've smacked her!

Follow me, I was supposed to give them $120, which I gave them up front. Any money that they made from that point on from the ppl who didn't purchase a ticket from me goes into my pocket. There were 7 ppl in attendance who didn't have tickets and paid at the door. So that is $70 I should've had. Little Chun-Li gives me $20 and expects me to stay quiet??? NAAA

Even the security guard understood where I was coming from, so she was all alone. I don't believe in hitting females at all, but if there would've been a female there, she would've got back handed!!

Anyway, like I said, the show was great!! I have some footage but it's very dark. So I'm waiting on In The L00p to edit the footage + interview and put it up on their site.

Oh yea, & check this out!! "DopeRamz" video exclusively at P&P & Live Lyricism!


May 8, 2009

Kwan Lee Presents: *Purple Pain*

Kwan Lee's first compilation is out now, titled *Purple Pain*. Reason for that title?, Kwan Lee states, "I want to be like Prince as far as production goes. Dude is a genius!"

Some production on here is most definately inspired by Purple Rain.
The compilation features myself & the others whose names appear in the above ^ picture!

May 2, 2009

I'm 2Dope...BOOOYY!

I'm 2dope..boy! (click that link damnit!)
Shake has a song off of *Falling Up*, "Hear Her Cries", in his tape deck! Hopefully he'll be posting the entire *Falling Up* soon!

And it's only going to get worst! I'm going VIRAL, along with Charlie Hilton. And Confusion too!!


Apr 20, 2009

Ashley Tacora

Ok ya'll ! So you all know I'm a hip-hop artist. Cool...!!! But I make MUSIC. All types, all genres!
Up above is a picture of Ashley Tacora! She used to go by the name TaLee. But anyway, I wrote a bunch of joints for her & here goes two of them in which I wrote.
They are both unfinished and Lord knows when they will be finished. But yea, I make MUSIC,

Apr 17, 2009

'Ready Or Not' Freestyle..wtv

Shout out to the homie D-Dave for giving me the idea to do this and the homie Confusion for picking such a dope beat. Got me thinking about recording this just for the hell of it. And I also just wanted to drop off the lyrics too, cause I can do that!

It's over for you blood thirsty dummies//

No more selling Dreams; unless you bootlegging love versus money//

And thats why I fuck with Charlie Hiltons 'Good Food' cause these skinny motherf*ckers need some grub for they tummies//

And I'm glad I can serve 'em like subpoena//

Na man! I'm not a nerd just a genius//

I see shit thru these pretty brown frames//

So all the name callling really sounds lame//

It really sounds bogus; you really sound hopeless//

I just dropped *Falling Up*; I hope you download it//

And it's gone get hot when I switch styles//

You might start sweating so unzip the zip file//

That might've went over your dome//

But if I'm over your dome then I'm closer to home//

And it's nothing like living in fame//

No lime light in my hindsight when I fly like Pigeons And Planes//

Never staying still like pictures and frames//

No more window treatment; I ain't living in pain//

Na..more like everything is alright//

Illuminating darkness; I'm bringing more light//

So they think I'm a firefly trying to catch me flying by 'til I sting 'em all twice//

Now they screaming and bleeding; believe me you never felt such a painful thing in your life//

Fall back lil' scapper; I ain't into lil' rappers//

My good food to yall is a recipe for disaster//

And if thats what you want bone apetit//

I'm too far out your zone, holmes..pass your reach//

You can't box with the god of this//

Nigga I'm winning; my cigar is lit//

I'm sitting back lettin victory massage my dick//

I stole her frm Hova..winked at her then I told her come over//

After that she deep throatin my soldiers//

After that..she behind me strokin my shoulders//

And f.y.i. to the haters I ain't letting her kill them thoughts if you hopin to hold her//

And life is my new game nigga; and I aint never ever lettin go the controller//


Apr 15, 2009

*Falling Up* on Pigeons And Planes

*Falling Up* on Pigeons And Planes

Be sure to go check that out and post a comment there! I don't care if you don't post one here, but if you do, do one there also!!! :-D
I have to thank ya'll for supporting my music.
Those who did show love, I love ya'll!!!


Apr 14, 2009

*Falling Up* drops NOW!!

Well, I felt like a little kid who knew some real dope inside information and couldn't hold it in!!!! Realized I really didn't have a reason to be holding onto it anymore, this needs to be heard. So on that note, here it is folks!!

Medusa Presents: "Falling Up" by Frank Ramz

All feedback is welcome; be it positive or negative.
Iight, got to go make my rounds and email blast the sh!t out of this bad boy!

Also check out an exclusive 20 question interview over at the
All You Can Eat Hip Hop Blog


Apr 13, 2009

Yo Yo Yo Check It..Uh Uh..Ohhh

I haven't really been posting too much lately. Trying to network and get my music heard by more ears. Also doing alot of postings over at Pigeons & Planes (shout to the homie Confusion).
I really want for a big music blog site to get wind of my music and hopefully post *Falling Up* onto their site.
Just keep on supporting me ya'll, I'm definately going to begin making some type of noise!

& shouts to the homie J-Slugz, just moved from NY to Texas & made his own blog. Check it out!
J-Slugz Da General Blog


Apr 9, 2009

Pigeons And Planes

Make sure ya'll check out Pigeons & Planes for the latest in music ranging in evertyhing from mainstream hip-hop to indie rock!


Apr 7, 2009

Pepsi Mic Pass

This ish is rediculously dope!!
I'm digging Bobby Ray part the most tho!! But this is hot from beginning to end!


Apr 4, 2009

*Falling Up* Release Show/Party

iWill be having a release show/party for *Falling Up* on May 11th at The Annex, located in the lower east side of the NYC. iWill have my own 30 minute set to rock out!
Holla at me for those in the NYC area if you're interested in stopping by and showing support.


Apr 3, 2009

*Falling Up* drops April 30th

27 days until...... :-D

Was speaking with Charlie Hilton last night and realize, iDnt know if iBroke down the point of this *Falling Up* project.

Well, basically, *Falling Up* is me slightly touching upon the pro's and con's of success. Be it major or minor. Out of no where comes new friends, phony ppl, haters, etc. You know the drill!

I'm just talking about how it feels to be *Falling Up*. How iHandle the pro's and con's of *Falling Up*.

The idea initially came from the song "Falling Up" which was on -No Effort Involved-.

iDecided to turn the song into an entire project. It's my mood music!

iHope you all enjoy it...!!! :-D



Mar 31, 2009


Aren't ya'll tired of that Huckabee music? Well, you can now hear that "Cryptachronacuddalite"
It is Elus Feat. myself & G.P.

Also be sure to check out Elus at, or you could just scroll down to the earlier post & simply download his 3rd mixtape, 'On With The Show Vol 3'.
& check out my fellow Embassy mate/brother from another G.P. at

Matter of fact, since iLove ya'll so damn much...

"Cryptachronacuddalite" Elus Feat. Frank Ramz & G.P.

You All Are Welcome.


Mar 30, 2009

"Dr. Scholl's Soul" DOWNLOAD

"Dr. Scholl's Soul"

^There's the direct download link for "Dr. Scholl's Soul", which will be on my 4th free project in less than a year called *Falling Up*, which will be dropping April 30th! Check previous blog entry for other info and what not!


Mar 28, 2009

"Dr. Scholl's Soul" prod. by brandUn deShay

You can hear it exclusively on myspace page.

Be sure to also check out brandUn deShay @

Leave some feedback on the song..all is appreciated!

"Falling Up" drops April 30th


Mar 25, 2009

"On With The Show Vol. 3"

My homie, Hip-Hop's Savior, ELUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
Elus has just released his 3rd mixtape digitally and iGot it hear for ya'll!!
The link is:

This is the 3rd and final mixtape of Elus 'On With The Show' series. You can check out the first two on his myspace page (link @ bottom) or on , just type in Elus.
Be sure to download that! Hip Hop is most certainly NOT dead, & here is the proof!
"I Represent..." off of Medusaville is also on here (should be playing now) . Also my fellow Embassy members, G.P. & J-Slugz make an appearance on this mixtape!

Elus has a grind that is unmatched! Clever & witty lyrics being spoken by a very powerful voice. It's just.....Refreshing!! He is also one of the coolest dudes iKnow and is very informative. Has no problem lending a helping hand. Dude plugged me in with a few of my connects as far as getting my mixtape ready to be handed out physically!! He is also representing the BRONX, Elus is somebody you need to keep on your radar. Hip Hop is alive and doing very well!!!

You can also check him out @



haha..another feature thanks to the homie Matik @

Check it out. Leave comments!!!


Mar 23, 2009

The Lion King

WOW !!!!


"Sober Thoughts" -Live Lyricism-

Shout out to the Live Lyricism blog. Be sure you go check it out at
Here are the lyrics to "Sober Thoughts", produced by Charlie Hilton. (For some reason, auto-tune or some type of voice effect sounds cool on my voice when over a Hilton beat!)
Just read along as the song plays and enjoy!

Reality bites and iNeed-an-escape//
The things that I've seen give me reasons-to-hate//
Enough pain to make a nigga bleed-from-his-face//
I'm talking bout tears..but iBleed-on-the-base//
I'm talking bout snares..and it is very rare//
But when the problems are too much for me to bear//
Just pour me a cup and put a dutch up in the air// light-that! Yea..iLike-that!//
I'll be right-back to reality-soon//
You'll see smoke clouds when you enter back-in-my-room//
But it was too much stress that iHad-to-consume//
It was polluting my iGrabbed-me-a-broom//
After-the-fumes hit-my-lungs..bitch-I'm-done//
And once the liquor hits my liver I'm no longer crying rivers//
Now I'm chilling in-a..euphoric-state//
Nigga the weed and liquor is all-it-takes//
I>>>>>>>>iFeel like iCan
Fly>>>>>>When the liquors by my
Side>>>>>Or when the weed gets me
High>>>>>Cause Sober Thoughts is killing me!
Everyday it seems the struggle-gets-worse//
iTried something but that other-shit-hurts//
Or iDug-in-my-purse//
Pocket..brought a dutch and rolled up-in-some-purp//
Ha..this shit got me feeling like the hulk//
But iAint too into it to buy it in bulk//
See my cousin just passed..and my uncle on the verge//
Hate to say it like that..but I'm at a lost for words//
And it's all adding up..and it's getting-on-my-nerves//
I'm about to join them whinos sitting-on-the-curb//
Telling old stories of some shit-iNever-heard//
Or some shit iNever-seen..see I'm turning hella-green//
Feeling real strong..but iCould feel stronger//
More liquor..less chase..make the feeling last-longer//
Mind in a daze when iPut my raps-on-a..nice-beat//
Roll should get like-me!//Now..
I>>>>>>>>iFeel like iCan
Fly>>>>>>When the liquors by my
Side>>>>>Or when the weed gets me
High>>>>>Cause Sober Thoughts is killing me!
The high's starting to fade away..iCan tell//
My rooms up in smoke..and it's covered in the smell//
Of that bitch Mary Jane..but she did-a-nigga-well//
She brought a nigga out when iWas living-in-a-hell//
No hope..iJust slipped-and-then-iFell//
In-it..losing breath every second..every minute//
Never finished..cause Sober Thoughts have No Limits//
Even P. Miller would bow down-to-this//
And ask for a liquid dark brown-to-sip//
Or roll up the piff..sit down-and-hit//
Get high and never wanna come down-again//
iFound-a-friend iCould run to-and-use//
The only other friend if it ain't musical//
But..don't worry I'm not abusing-you//
Hold up..I'm getting sober..damn, I'm losing-you!//
I>>>>>>>>iFeel like iCan
Fly>>>>>>When the liquors by my
Side>>>>>Or when the weed gets me

High>>>>>Cause Sober Thoughts is killing me!

& iDon't smoke or drink!!

iJust feel this way alot.
So much goes on in my life and in my mind that at times, iWant to get roasted!
But, iThink that's straight wack!
Also, I'm kind of getting at the ppl who do smoke and drink to escape reality.
Nigga, soon as you come down, reality will still be there, so you didn't change anything!
But um, take it how you want to.
Get whatever you can from it.

Mar 18, 2009

Charles Hamilton "Loser" Video

Had to post this!
This, "Music" & "Shining" are my shitttsssss! (can iSay shits?)


Mar 16, 2009

New blog by Charlie Hilton called "The Think Inc." Solely dedicated to up and coming artists who show promise through their wise and conscious craft.
Definately a dope blog concept and a dope ass idea. Make sure you all check it out!
And take a wild guess who'll be the first artist featured there????
:-D haha

Second Feature @ TH3 NEW REGIME
Big shout out to Chase & Lenny over at TH3 NEW REGIME (
Be sure to check out the blog. Check the feature and be sure to leave a comment!

"Falling Up''
April 30th


The Green Bandit

iWould like to introduce you all to my younger cousin, SPADES!
At 16 years old, he's definately on the right path with his music and mind state. He refuses to curse in his music, although he curses up a damn storm during regular conversation. And he drinks..but, his music definately doesn't highlight any of those. Shit, we do live in the Bronx!!
NOW, iHave heard alot of 16 year old rappers, especially being that I live in NY, but SPADES def has the potential to be one of the greater rappers. He is good with taking constructive criticism.

He takes the time to study hip hop as an artform and not only as a means of making money, which is hard to find in these youngings now-a-days! From when iFirst him on a beat to now, he has most certainly improved. One thing about me, iLove growth! To see someone/thing grow, is beautiful to me. iHate it when someone has been rapping for years and sounds the same! Ugh!!

Now I'm inviting you all to experience this wonderful growth. iMean, you'll be hearing from SPADES one way or the other cause he'll always be under my wing!! :-D