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Apr 20, 2009

Ashley Tacora

Ok ya'll ! So you all know I'm a hip-hop artist. Cool...!!! But I make MUSIC. All types, all genres!
Up above is a picture of Ashley Tacora! She used to go by the name TaLee. But anyway, I wrote a bunch of joints for her & here goes two of them in which I wrote.
They are both unfinished and Lord knows when they will be finished. But yea, I make MUSIC,

Apr 17, 2009

'Ready Or Not' Freestyle..wtv

Shout out to the homie D-Dave for giving me the idea to do this and the homie Confusion for picking such a dope beat. Got me thinking about recording this just for the hell of it. And I also just wanted to drop off the lyrics too, cause I can do that!

It's over for you blood thirsty dummies//

No more selling Dreams; unless you bootlegging love versus money//

And thats why I fuck with Charlie Hiltons 'Good Food' cause these skinny motherf*ckers need some grub for they tummies//

And I'm glad I can serve 'em like subpoena//

Na man! I'm not a nerd just a genius//

I see shit thru these pretty brown frames//

So all the name callling really sounds lame//

It really sounds bogus; you really sound hopeless//

I just dropped *Falling Up*; I hope you download it//

And it's gone get hot when I switch styles//

You might start sweating so unzip the zip file//

That might've went over your dome//

But if I'm over your dome then I'm closer to home//

And it's nothing like living in fame//

No lime light in my hindsight when I fly like Pigeons And Planes//

Never staying still like pictures and frames//

No more window treatment; I ain't living in pain//

Na..more like everything is alright//

Illuminating darkness; I'm bringing more light//

So they think I'm a firefly trying to catch me flying by 'til I sting 'em all twice//

Now they screaming and bleeding; believe me you never felt such a painful thing in your life//

Fall back lil' scapper; I ain't into lil' rappers//

My good food to yall is a recipe for disaster//

And if thats what you want bone apetit//

I'm too far out your zone, holmes..pass your reach//

You can't box with the god of this//

Nigga I'm winning; my cigar is lit//

I'm sitting back lettin victory massage my dick//

I stole her frm Hova..winked at her then I told her come over//

After that she deep throatin my soldiers//

After that..she behind me strokin my shoulders//

And f.y.i. to the haters I ain't letting her kill them thoughts if you hopin to hold her//

And life is my new game nigga; and I aint never ever lettin go the controller//


Apr 15, 2009

*Falling Up* on Pigeons And Planes

*Falling Up* on Pigeons And Planes

Be sure to go check that out and post a comment there! I don't care if you don't post one here, but if you do, do one there also!!! :-D
I have to thank ya'll for supporting my music.
Those who did show love, I love ya'll!!!


Apr 14, 2009

*Falling Up* drops NOW!!

Well, I felt like a little kid who knew some real dope inside information and couldn't hold it in!!!! Realized I really didn't have a reason to be holding onto it anymore, this needs to be heard. So on that note, here it is folks!!

Medusa Presents: "Falling Up" by Frank Ramz

All feedback is welcome; be it positive or negative.
Iight, got to go make my rounds and email blast the sh!t out of this bad boy!

Also check out an exclusive 20 question interview over at the
All You Can Eat Hip Hop Blog


Apr 13, 2009

Yo Yo Yo Check It..Uh Uh..Ohhh

I haven't really been posting too much lately. Trying to network and get my music heard by more ears. Also doing alot of postings over at Pigeons & Planes (shout to the homie Confusion).
I really want for a big music blog site to get wind of my music and hopefully post *Falling Up* onto their site.
Just keep on supporting me ya'll, I'm definately going to begin making some type of noise!

& shouts to the homie J-Slugz, just moved from NY to Texas & made his own blog. Check it out!
J-Slugz Da General Blog


Apr 9, 2009

Pigeons And Planes

Make sure ya'll check out Pigeons & Planes for the latest in music ranging in evertyhing from mainstream hip-hop to indie rock!


Apr 7, 2009

Pepsi Mic Pass

This ish is rediculously dope!!
I'm digging Bobby Ray part the most tho!! But this is hot from beginning to end!


Apr 4, 2009

*Falling Up* Release Show/Party

iWill be having a release show/party for *Falling Up* on May 11th at The Annex, located in the lower east side of the NYC. iWill have my own 30 minute set to rock out!
Holla at me for those in the NYC area if you're interested in stopping by and showing support.


Apr 3, 2009

*Falling Up* drops April 30th

27 days until...... :-D

Was speaking with Charlie Hilton last night and realize, iDnt know if iBroke down the point of this *Falling Up* project.

Well, basically, *Falling Up* is me slightly touching upon the pro's and con's of success. Be it major or minor. Out of no where comes new friends, phony ppl, haters, etc. You know the drill!

I'm just talking about how it feels to be *Falling Up*. How iHandle the pro's and con's of *Falling Up*.

The idea initially came from the song "Falling Up" which was on -No Effort Involved-.

iDecided to turn the song into an entire project. It's my mood music!

iHope you all enjoy it...!!! :-D