Medusa Welcomes You!

Dec 24, 2009

Rosa In KING Mag!

Ok so they're really just going to make me keep posting these pics huh?? Here's some Rosa Acosta!!


Dec 19, 2009

"Fat Raps Ramzy"

Check it out @ P&P as well for all that extra sh*t that I wrote!


Dec 18, 2009

King Mag Relaunch - The Women Of King

King Mag supposedly died out...for whatever reason. & now they're back with a relaunch issue with Rosa Acosta on the cover. Anyhoot, I just peeped these pics & def wanted to share this eye candy with the fellas who check my blog out. Shit, even the ladies..I know ya'll look too! ENJOY!

Dec 14, 2009

"The Traitor" on

Finally! Ya'll be sure to check out "The Traitor" (off of *Make The Road By Walking*) now on!! Leave a comment as well!

I didn't even know my sh*t was up there. My brother J-Slugz called me and put me onto it. Dope! Click the link below to check it out!

"The Traitor" on


Dec 3, 2009


I've been truly neglecting my blog! I'm either posting over @ Pigeons & Planes or I'm on my Twitter!

Of course I've been writing new sh*t like I have no damn life...just released these 4 cuts a few days ago.

Does She Notice? (Prod. by Charlie Hilton)

Baddest Night (Prod. by Charlie Hilton)

Euphoria (Prod. by B. Logik)

Brother Gone Work It Out (Prod. by Flair)

Now, the next project I'm coming out with will be an EP called *Frankly Speaking...*.
As you can see it's going to be hosted by p&p, hilkoo & sixty4harmony as well! Cover art done by Charlie Hilton! I wanted it to be bright & stand out so no matter what blog you see this cover posted up on, you'll ask yourself, "WTF?".

But like I said, this will just be an EP..a prelude to the full mixtape which is *Quite Frankly...*. This one doesn't have a cover just yet. & neither the EP nor the full mixtape have a track listing yet! But everything is basically written; & everyday that passes that I'm not in the studio, I WRITE MORE SH*T! So these projects will be worth the wait...the EP may end up being a full length tape as well....depending on what Ima feel like doing w/ all the extra tracks!
Honestly, I need a good 10-12 hours in the studio for everything that I have written...& I lay down tracks in imagine how many joints I have!

Away from music, my baby shower is tomorrow (Fri, Dec 4th). I'm not all hyped up about the actual baby shower, but I'm hype as f*ck for my daughter...I'm ready for her to pop out right now!!!!!!!!!!!!
But all this baby shower hoopla is making me sick to my stomach. Good thing about it; gifts for the baby & I'll get to see all my friends @ the same time.

It's also looking like it's about that time for me to get a damn job...........again! I swear I'm not an order taking ass n*gga!! With my music, I create what I want...when I want. But looking at the bigger picture, I'm gone have to go thru with it & get back on this payroll.

Reached out to a few ppl for collabo's on the project as well..but I'm not the type to chase & harrast n*ggaz...either they do it or they don't. No hard feelings, I'ma just keep my train choo choo'ing!

& since I mentioned my daughter up there, let me talk about this Pleasure P sh*t! Back in 05 when this fool was about 16/17, he fingered his little niece. I think he might've also did something to his nephew but I'm not sure. He did 8 months in prison, community service & rehab...f*ck that..he deserved more!
But anyhoot, either him or his label had offered to pay a lawyer 30,000 to keep that case QUIET..being that he was w/ Pretty Ricky and they didn't want to kill his image! WELL, seems like they didn't pay that bread & the sh*t done hit the's all out in the public! I found out cause dude was a trending topic on twitter...and I knew his music wasn't that good.

Come to find out, this was part of the real reason why him & Pretty Ricky parted up about it HERE!

NOW, I have about 6 nieces, 2 nephews, a few godkids & a daughter on the way...If he would've been my cousin & did that to any of them, he would've got ME! Broom sticks up his ass, scortching hot water porn on his bare d*ck...the works! Just the thought of someone touching a young female in my family like that makes me go off!!!!

Uuuuummmmmmm, I think that's all...hopefully I'll be in the studio soon to finish up this damn project. Need to speak w/ management asap!! Now watch this with me...

Ed Lover's "C'mon Son pt. 7"