Medusa Welcomes You!

Jan 26, 2009

Cmon Now!!!

Real quick, let me shout out Nanci O for showing love to 'iGot To Get It' on her blog. Go check that out!

Might be airing on her show and B.Logik (Producer of ''iGot To Get It'' and ''Hear Her Cries'')


I've been having a wonderful time with my lady lately, Nas Ramz!
Love her to death!! My baby...

But somethings missing that would make shit complete for me. That something would be studio time...iNeed to record some new material badly! I've been writing shit like crazy lately.
Was supposed to hit the studio up this past Friday but it got re-scheduled for this Friday coming up! FUCK....

Performing tonight in the NYC @ The Annex with my team, The Embassy..excited bout that!

(The Embassy = Lyrical Government of the industry) {Yea, it rhymes}

"Hear Her Cries" is STILL recieving nothing but GREAT reviews on ALLHIPHOP.COM and if you haven't checked that out, you might want to do so now! The link is:

iWill be having another song up on ALLHIPHOP.COM rather soon so stay tuned!

My 2009 can't do anything besides continue to get better. And iThink iHave more shows coming up but I'm not too sure as to where and when yet, got to check in with my manager.

Until next time Medusavillians!


Jan 16, 2009


  • iWill be performing at End Of the Weak (E.O.W.) this sunday down at the Pyramid.
  • Studio next friday laying down some new ish for ya'll.
  • My whole team will be performing at The Annex on the 26th. Hype about that cause it will be our first time all on the stage together! :-D
  • Jan 27th, iWill be in $1000 showcase at the Pyramids Training Camp

Got damnit! I'm tired already from these shows.

Note to any artist reading this shit, DO NOT get all caught up in these shows, unless you're getting paid for it! This shit can really blind you. If you do partake in them, take advantage of the networking. Don't let these showcases try to put a rating on your skill. Just continue making good music and don't let shit stop you! Umm...yea


2008..(my late summary)

Now that iReally sit down and think about it, 2008 was a motherfucking great year for me!!!

*NYE of 08 was cool as shit !!! If you don't know about it, you'll never know about it, and it's gone stay that way! But trust me when iSay it was popping (a word iDont usually use) and iEnjoyed myself!

*In February, iGot my fucking driving license...wooohoooo!! Funny tho, its almost a year and my shit is basically suspended now. But still you can catch me cruising in Roxy!

*Came out with two mixtapes...'UNDENIABLE' in July, which was basically some old material simply showcasing my ability to make commercial music and hot songs...all around good music tho! Then 'Welcome To Medusaville' in September, which was me allowing everyone to see how life looks thru my glasses.

*iCame to realize that my performance game is top notch. Every showcase iWas in, iEither came in first or second place...except one in which iFucked up my 3rd verse and freestyled it. Mind you, my freestyled verse was better than those other dudes mixtapes, but since iMessed up they took points off...whatever!

*Got cool with my younger sister who was a product of my sperm doners creeping! She's mad cool...supposed to be meeting up with her and my other siblings sometime soon hopefully!

*Around the summer time in 08, iRealized my purpose in life is to inspire, motivate and breed positivity..and music will be a helpful tool in doing main outlet!

*My fellow Embassy member, J-Slugz, came out with his first mixtape late in 08 called '820 MuNny BloK' !

*Met some great producers this year, Charlie Hilton, Niki, Killjoy and a few others!

* could iForget...??? iMet my manager, Khareen in 08...and thanks to her, 09 is looking even better already!

*iLost my cousin in 08, but that lead to this extra drive, motivation, determination and dedication....YEA!! R.I.P. Cameron!!!


A Little Too Funny For Me NOT To Post

Durex from lucianoparis on Vimeo.">

Whoa to the orange and blue part...!!!


Jan 13, 2009


Shouts to the homie Steve Raze. He just uploaded my song ''Hear Her Cries" onto the site. Make sure you go check it out and leave a comment!


shit, you should already know the addy!


Random pic from last night!

iWas front and center....whatever!!

"Hear Her Cries"

In playlist to the right directly under "Superhuman".

Produced by B. Logik!


Jan 12, 2009

Fader Magazine Event

Last nights Fader magazine event was real dope!
Soon as iCame in, niggaz tried to hand me a bottle of budweiser...GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!

iDont smoke or drink! & beer is fucking nasty!

(Shout out to my manager Khareen by the way..and don't ask about my face in the above picture)

Charles Hamilton, who got the cover for Fader mag, which iThink is his second, had a nice fucking performance. Performed some new song that iDidn't know at the end but it most definately was HARD and killed it with Nikki at the end of it!!!
Now a few months ago iSeen KRS-One perform, and it was crazy..hip hop legend, performing classics, freestyling on the spot! Now iLove KRS and respect him in every way, but Charles killed it on the freestyle tip wwaayy better..wish iWould've recorded that! iMentioned those two together because those are the only two signed/famous (whatever you want to call them) artist who iHave ever seen perform live. iHave never been to any concerts or anything like that in my life!

Since iWas dead smack in the front by the stage, this motherfucker CH took my Fader magazine and threw it into the crowd, had to find a new one that was chilling on the bar table covered in beer...shit stinks!

Overall, iEnjoyed myself at the envent, Wale was in the building too, saw him on the way out but whatever. Dope ass night!!

Greey goose and cranberry juice huh?????

iWould've recorded more, and iWanted to, but iWas too damn into the songs to be holding up a fucking it was too dark and I'm not a professional camera man with a light and shit, I'm an ARTIST..Khareen got more footage than me tho.


Jan 11, 2009

My Eye Candy

Since iSee alot of mofo's posting up their eye candy, shit, I'm

going to post my two! Number one,


Number two,


Don't give a rasclot bumbaclot how old they are or who they dating/married to..these two are beautiful!!!!!! Baddddddddddd...all that !


Also be sure to check out my little freestyle to Beyonce's "Diva" beat, but mines is called "DON". Somewhat of a respond to all the bogus shit she's been saying lately...iKnow dudes are gone feel me on this! And females are going to like it too, but they won't admit that they do.
They'll just bump it on the low!!!!!!!

I'm not going to sit here and say "2009 is my year"! Booooo, hell naw! Regardless of the year, at this point in my life, I'm just about to go extra hard!!!!! Please believe my name will be alot of places and it will soon be hard to NOT listen to me!

Might pop up at Charles Hamilton's event he has going on with Fader on Monday, my manager (Khareen) got an invite to it. Looking foward to that cause iHave yet to see dude perform live...smh.

"Now I'm David Blaine (that means I'm ghost!!)" -Elus


Jan 9, 2009


Produced by Mr. Charlie Hilton!
iCan literally do whatever thru the usuage of super music...

and the effects were not my idea, the engineer did all that himself and surprised me!

what you think Hilton?
Good Food?


Jan 5, 2009


"Cause I'm High!!! And iDon't Need No Rehab Nigga!!!"
(Should be playing...wait til you hear it tho)

Khareen is the shit...again!

Before my dumb ass accidently deleted my entire album, iHad an entry talking about Khareen and how much iAppreciate the things she has done and the things she is doing for me now.

Well thanks to her, iGot a 5 hour block studio session this coming friday, free of charge...somewhere deep out in Brooklyn, but whatever.

So far iGot two joints iKnow that I'm recording for some beats from Sir Hilton that I'm currently working on also.

But the main point of this session is because some dude Khareen knows is making a movie similar to "JUICE" and he is digging my songs (mainly 'Rainy Days', 'I Represent...' & 'Sober Thoughts'). So I'm simply going in to record some fresh new joints!! :-D

iWill most certainly let you guys know how this goes down...!!!