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Jan 12, 2009

Fader Magazine Event

Last nights Fader magazine event was real dope!
Soon as iCame in, niggaz tried to hand me a bottle of budweiser...GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!

iDont smoke or drink! & beer is fucking nasty!

(Shout out to my manager Khareen by the way..and don't ask about my face in the above picture)

Charles Hamilton, who got the cover for Fader mag, which iThink is his second, had a nice fucking performance. Performed some new song that iDidn't know at the end but it most definately was HARD and killed it with Nikki at the end of it!!!
Now a few months ago iSeen KRS-One perform, and it was crazy..hip hop legend, performing classics, freestyling on the spot! Now iLove KRS and respect him in every way, but Charles killed it on the freestyle tip wwaayy better..wish iWould've recorded that! iMentioned those two together because those are the only two signed/famous (whatever you want to call them) artist who iHave ever seen perform live. iHave never been to any concerts or anything like that in my life!

Since iWas dead smack in the front by the stage, this motherfucker CH took my Fader magazine and threw it into the crowd, had to find a new one that was chilling on the bar table covered in beer...shit stinks!

Overall, iEnjoyed myself at the envent, Wale was in the building too, saw him on the way out but whatever. Dope ass night!!

Greey goose and cranberry juice huh?????

iWould've recorded more, and iWanted to, but iWas too damn into the songs to be holding up a fucking it was too dark and I'm not a professional camera man with a light and shit, I'm an ARTIST..Khareen got more footage than me tho.


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behold_a_lady said...

aww I wish I could have been there. Lol @ him throwing the magazine. It looks pretty live