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Jan 26, 2009

Cmon Now!!!

Real quick, let me shout out Nanci O for showing love to 'iGot To Get It' on her blog. Go check that out!

Might be airing on her show and B.Logik (Producer of ''iGot To Get It'' and ''Hear Her Cries'')


I've been having a wonderful time with my lady lately, Nas Ramz!
Love her to death!! My baby...

But somethings missing that would make shit complete for me. That something would be studio time...iNeed to record some new material badly! I've been writing shit like crazy lately.
Was supposed to hit the studio up this past Friday but it got re-scheduled for this Friday coming up! FUCK....

Performing tonight in the NYC @ The Annex with my team, The Embassy..excited bout that!

(The Embassy = Lyrical Government of the industry) {Yea, it rhymes}

"Hear Her Cries" is STILL recieving nothing but GREAT reviews on ALLHIPHOP.COM and if you haven't checked that out, you might want to do so now! The link is:

iWill be having another song up on ALLHIPHOP.COM rather soon so stay tuned!

My 2009 can't do anything besides continue to get better. And iThink iHave more shows coming up but I'm not too sure as to where and when yet, got to check in with my manager.

Until next time Medusavillians!


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