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Jan 26, 2010

Jesikah Vs. Jessica

Here are two young ladies w/ the same name just spelled differently. Check out both of 'em & let me know which one you feel is sexier.

Let's start off w/ Jessica!

Next up is Jesikah!!

In my opinion, Jesikah got it!! Which is why I saved the best for last!


Jan 21, 2010

*The Best of Frank Ramz*

Hey guys! Look what I put together for all ya'll to enjoy.........A best of me tape. Check out the full read on this tape over @ P&P. Shouts to Nas Ramz on the album art as well.

Shouts to err'body who posted this as well:


Jan 18, 2010

Angel Lola Luv!!! DAMN

I'm going to post a sh*t load of pics from Angel Lola Luv right now so BRACE YOURSELF!!

O M G!


Jan 15, 2010

Franklin Rambert (All Over The Place)

Inspired by Confusion.

22 year old African American male. Born & raised in the Bronx, NY. Birthday - Sept 20th, 1987. Virgo (if that f*cking means anything...I personally hate that astrology sh*t) Grew up w/ both parents, tho pops was hardly ever home & didn't teach/show me sh*t about life except what not to do. Youngest child; 2 older brothers & one older sister, all in their 30's. After them my parents didn't want to have anymore kids (if so my moms wanted a girl), then surprise...they got me! Got diagnosed w/ asthma at about the age of 6 & been admitted to the hospital every winter since until I turned about 16. Which is why I love hospital food!!

I was in a co-ed catholic school from grades 1-8. Was on the honors roll/principals list every school year up until about the 4th grade. That's when me (& the rest of the class) got corrupted by this kid named James Crooms. He was a new transfer and came from a public school where cursing was being done by the kindergarteners. We were'nt cursing just yet, but as soon as he came, that was it. Plus my pops is the swearing king, so it was in my blood already.
I was always a little horny kid tho. Hey, I was a handsome mofo. The girls actually wanted me to pinch their booty's & grab their tits. It made them famous.

In my household I grew up listening to nothing but old school r&b/soul records & gospel records. Barry White, Diana Ross, Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Smokie Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Jackson 5, Mike of course, Pattie Labelle, Shirley Caesar, BeBe & CeCe Winans, John P Kee, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, The Chi-Lites, The Stylistic, plus much much more that I can't even almost think of.

Once I got older & cool enough to hang with my two older brothers, I got more into hip-hop. Oh, & also thanks to my sisters 1st baby daddy, he put me onto to LL Cool J and had me holding my crotch like MJ used to do. Anyway, my oldest brother was more into sh*t like Special Ed & DMX. My 2nd oldest brother was %100 into the hard sh*t, Bootcamp Click, Wu Tang, DMX as well..etc.

The first hip-hop artist I ever really got into was LL Cool J, but that was when I was too small to understand wtf was really going on. Once I got a better understanding, I fell in love with Mase...HARLEM WORLD!!! He is who initially inspired me to rap. I wasn't into that hardcore sh*t back then. I couldn't understand why Biggie would say something like "f*ck the world, f*ck my moms & my girl". I was like, "IS HE SERIOUS?" But I love the glitz & glamour. The shiney suits were fine by me. BUT, Mase was lyrically a problem. Shortly after I fell in love with Eminem. The Slim Shady LP was probably the first album that I actually purchased with my own money (Harlem World was a gift). Eminem to me is the best lyricist out..ever. But that's neither here nor there. After Em, I began getting into hardcore sh*t..really started to relate more to real sh*t as I got older because I began going thru more sh*t in life. Next up was DMX. No one can deny his first 2 (maybe 3) albums at all.

Next thing I know, I'm listening to damn near everything in the hip-hop world. Always was a heavy r&b head. R. Kelly, Kelly Price, Donnell Jones, Joe, Jon B, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Musiq, Jill Scott, Trey Songz, Next, Montell Jordan, SWV, En Vogue..much much more on that list as well. I get alot of inspiration in my music from r&b, as far as melodies & emotions go. All of the music I grew up listening was real & from the heart. Mainly all very soulful. So that would explain why I gravitate more towards artists like Joe Budden, Little Brother, Royce more than other artists. I like rappers who I feel can actually rap.

Now let's get back to high school I jumped into a catholic all boys school for my first two years. Couldn't take the financial blows (these mofos wanted more than our monthly rent) & #QuiteFrankly, it was too much gay sh*t going on in those schools. So for my last 2 years of high school, I jumped into the co-ed public school system.....SMH. At first, it was cool, I loved being around the ladies. But soon, a n*gga started f*cking up. My friend encouraged to cut for the first time during the 1st semester. I was scared as hell going back to that class the next day, thinking the teacher was going to question/punish me cause that's what they do in catholic schools. Matter fact, in the catholic schools that I went to, that sh*t didn't even happen. We thought cutting was a hollywood myth. But surprisingly, the teacher didn't say sh*t, & I couldn't believe it. So I kept cutting my life away. Eventually those cut cards reached my mailbox & moms spazzed on me. So I was back in class shortly after.

In that same public high school is where I got a little more known for rapping. Constant cyphers & a few battles got my name up. But regardless, I was always the quiet not so popular n*gga who hung w/ the popular n*ggaz & sat w/ the nerdy n*ggaz. Charles Hamilton also went to this public school for a little while before he got kicked out. I will always remember him, looking the same as he does now, carrying what looked to be like the heaviest bookbag in the world and still having about 6 books in his hand. Always ready to freestyle but nobody wanted to listen. I got introduced to him in front of this barbershop/studio by my friend Sha-Ronn, in which we both kicked some bars back & forth at each other. Bet he doesn't remember that sh*t. Being in a public high school definitely helped me socially & physically.

Ummmmm..where Ima jump to now?? I think I began rapping in 97, a little after Harlem World was released. Me & my friend G.P. (who you can find here freestyling - lightskinned dude w/ specs) first began taking Mase verses and slightly re-wording them to make them sound like our own. We would perform them for certain ppl in class & they would like it. That's when we thought we could actually do something with it, we already had the love for music/hip-hop, now we're developing skills. We started a crew called H.old I.t D.own entertainment which we somewhat still rep til this day. Not until 08 did I begin taking it very serious & beginning to make moves with my music. I began making tapes & grinding as much as possible to get my name & music out there via internet. First project was *UNDENIABLE*. This was when I was slightly still on my bullsh*t, rapping about guns, b*tches & money. Everything that totally was NOT me. Dropped that around July of 08, then in a matter of 2 months, I found myself. I released my 2nd project, *Welcome To Medusaville* in Sept of 08, it was a birthday present to myself. On this project, I was 100% real w/myself & my music. Everything was heartfelt, nothing was rushed or forced. & that's how it's been ever since. That project got alot more ppl tuning into my music since it became more relatable.

After highschool I really wanted to go to a music school, possibly for engineering or production. But back then I wasn't heavy on the comp, so I didn't know of any music schools, & I was scared that my parents would give that idea a big "HELL NAW". I applied for a few colleges and got accepted to 'em all..but I began leaning towards Clark Atlanta. I knew if I couldn't go to a music school I at least wanted to get away & be around a sh*t load of women. All in all, that didn't work out. The amount of money that was needed to make that move happen was too much to bear at that point in my life. Sooo no college for me. I began working at Victorias Secret & have been a retail stock working a$$ n*gga ever since! FML!!

Currently have a girlfriend who I've been with for the past 3 years, Nas Ramz. Been thru alot of ups & downs, but all is well. What didn't kill us simply made us stronger. Now she is currently carrying our daughter, Ameira, & she be about to pop any day now. She is my first official puerto rican girlfriend. I say that because before her a puerto rican girl took my heart out of my chest, slammed it down hard on the concrete floor, tap danced on it, kicked it like Beckham & then burned it to a crisp. So I was done w/ p.r. chicks for a while, because I liked them so much and felt vulnerable as f*ck around them. This n*gga Nas slipped thru the cracks & there hasn't been no turning back since.

I've always been a more emotional/sensitive/romantic type of dude because I mainly grew up around my mother & sister. Then my sister had a daughter of her own. My oldest brother was somewhere in the army & my other brother was either at college, on the move, or living with whoever he was dating at that moment. So I always loved chasing around my sister, being around her friends and having them pinch my cheeks & call me cute. Also using my little & cute advantage to get as much feels in as possible. As I grew older my heart got a bit colder. All emotions will most likely be conveyed thru my music these days. I try my best to not get upset over something that I ultimately can't control. In life, it's best to use your mind over your heart in certain situations.

Today, I'm still @ home w/ both parents on my full time artist sh*t (I thank them for understanding what I'm trying to do & allowing me this luxury). But a n*gga can only live w/ his parents for but so long. And as I already stated, I have a daughter on the way, so if music doesn't start working out soon, I will fall back from it. I love porn & as you can see I love looking @ beautiful women/eye candy. I listen to all hip-hop these days & I'm inspired by it all, even the sh*t I don't like or consider to be wack. Yet I make sure I bring something no one else can bring, which is my creativity & my reality!!

& as Nas Ramz just told me, I'm a Hot Mess!!


This was just me typing whatever came to mind...I'm not about to proof read this sh*t or organize get the picture. I'll give ya'll me...100% at all times.



Jan 14, 2010

Drake Ft. Omarion - "Bria's Interlude" (*So Far Gone*)

Remember the above picture from HERE? Ok, well I'm fitna let you know who she is.

Drake Ft. Omarion - "Bria's Interlude"

This post has nothing to do w/ Drake, but everything to do with who he was thinking about when he wrote "Bria's Interlude" on his *So Far Gone* mixtape. It's cool to actually see who he was talking about on that track, & I don't blame 'em! I wonder how does it feel to have a song not only about you, but named after you & it was written by the (current) hottest n*gga in the game. I guess him making that song made others begin looking into her cause now, she's all of sudden in KING mag!!

I Introduce you all to, Bria Myles!


I don't know whose a$$ this is above, but I've been looking @ it since Confusion posted THIS last night. The fact that I don't know whose a$$ it is might be the reason why I've been fixated on it. Us guys love mystery!