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Jan 6, 2010

"Determination & Doubts"

Here is a joint that was initially supposed to be on the *Frankly Speaking...* EP, but looking at the SHITLOAD of songs that have written now, I don't think this one is making the cut. So I'm going to just throw it out there for you guys to download & enjoy. It's called "Determination & Doubts" & it's produced by my homie Daffy (of the SoulDiggaz). Don't listen if you're not going to listen. Hopefully you take something from my music. Lyrics under the download link as well!

Just so ya'll know, everything on these next 2 projects will be........1,000,000,000 x's crazier than everything you've heard from me thus far!

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"Determination & Doubts"


Every morning when my eyes open..I try coping with reality,
But my ocean..of pure emotions always rattles me.
And I'd lie wrapped up in my covers,
Because I fathom..I'd die faster then a mother.
If I sleep..considering sleeps the cousin of death,
And when I'm sleeping I'm dreaming..and dreaming's the fucking best.
When I'm awake..they scheming..and scheming is just a test,
That I always seem to pass..but still I'm leaning in stress.
For hours I could just walk in be occupied by my thoughts,
These niggaz making shit up because I provided the source.
They showing off all they money so I decided to floss,
Every song I get on I'm bout as fly as moth.
Na..I'm even higher..but that fire dnt attract me,
I'm tryna be the driver man I'm tired of the backseat.
Living so I'm digging deep until I scratch the surface,
Got alotta doubts but cant be acting nervous. Na

Cause every new never really new
They resemble the past..I call it deja vu.
In a world full of am I staying true
I just look up to skies..hoping I can make it thru
..make it thru

Mind racing w/ time..time wasting if I'm..not I gotta shine great to define.
My mind state in its prime..and please dnt believe that every shorty you see with a fine face is a dime. grind measures up to none of you niggaz,
When we was in the same spot..I felt uncomfortable niggaz.
So I chucked deuces...and spit that nasty shit like I was coughing up mucous..yea I'm smarter but the flow is just stupid.
Fuck cupid love only made a nigga hurt,
And the haters dnt show love so that just made a nigga worst.
Hov told me lifes a bitch..that just made a nigga flirt,
She was playing hard to get..that just made a nigga work.
Even harder so dnt even bother tryna take her frm me,
I'm just tryna go and get that Kobe Bryant Laker money.
Then I'm ghost..Casper but take away the friendlyness,
Gotta get away these niggaz envious.

"Determination & Doubts"


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