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Jan 14, 2010

Drake Ft. Omarion - "Bria's Interlude" (*So Far Gone*)

Remember the above picture from HERE? Ok, well I'm fitna let you know who she is.

Drake Ft. Omarion - "Bria's Interlude"

This post has nothing to do w/ Drake, but everything to do with who he was thinking about when he wrote "Bria's Interlude" on his *So Far Gone* mixtape. It's cool to actually see who he was talking about on that track, & I don't blame 'em! I wonder how does it feel to have a song not only about you, but named after you & it was written by the (current) hottest n*gga in the game. I guess him making that song made others begin looking into her cause now, she's all of sudden in KING mag!!

I Introduce you all to, Bria Myles!


I don't know whose a$$ this is above, but I've been looking @ it since Confusion posted THIS last night. The fact that I don't know whose a$$ it is might be the reason why I've been fixated on it. Us guys love mystery!


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