Medusa Welcomes You!

Mar 31, 2009


Aren't ya'll tired of that Huckabee music? Well, you can now hear that "Cryptachronacuddalite"
It is Elus Feat. myself & G.P.

Also be sure to check out Elus at, or you could just scroll down to the earlier post & simply download his 3rd mixtape, 'On With The Show Vol 3'.
& check out my fellow Embassy mate/brother from another G.P. at

Matter of fact, since iLove ya'll so damn much...

"Cryptachronacuddalite" Elus Feat. Frank Ramz & G.P.

You All Are Welcome.


Mar 30, 2009

"Dr. Scholl's Soul" DOWNLOAD

"Dr. Scholl's Soul"

^There's the direct download link for "Dr. Scholl's Soul", which will be on my 4th free project in less than a year called *Falling Up*, which will be dropping April 30th! Check previous blog entry for other info and what not!


Mar 28, 2009

"Dr. Scholl's Soul" prod. by brandUn deShay

You can hear it exclusively on myspace page.

Be sure to also check out brandUn deShay @

Leave some feedback on the song..all is appreciated!

"Falling Up" drops April 30th


Mar 25, 2009

"On With The Show Vol. 3"

My homie, Hip-Hop's Savior, ELUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
Elus has just released his 3rd mixtape digitally and iGot it hear for ya'll!!
The link is:

This is the 3rd and final mixtape of Elus 'On With The Show' series. You can check out the first two on his myspace page (link @ bottom) or on , just type in Elus.
Be sure to download that! Hip Hop is most certainly NOT dead, & here is the proof!
"I Represent..." off of Medusaville is also on here (should be playing now) . Also my fellow Embassy members, G.P. & J-Slugz make an appearance on this mixtape!

Elus has a grind that is unmatched! Clever & witty lyrics being spoken by a very powerful voice. It's just.....Refreshing!! He is also one of the coolest dudes iKnow and is very informative. Has no problem lending a helping hand. Dude plugged me in with a few of my connects as far as getting my mixtape ready to be handed out physically!! He is also representing the BRONX, Elus is somebody you need to keep on your radar. Hip Hop is alive and doing very well!!!

You can also check him out @



haha..another feature thanks to the homie Matik @

Check it out. Leave comments!!!


Mar 23, 2009

The Lion King

WOW !!!!


"Sober Thoughts" -Live Lyricism-

Shout out to the Live Lyricism blog. Be sure you go check it out at
Here are the lyrics to "Sober Thoughts", produced by Charlie Hilton. (For some reason, auto-tune or some type of voice effect sounds cool on my voice when over a Hilton beat!)
Just read along as the song plays and enjoy!

Reality bites and iNeed-an-escape//
The things that I've seen give me reasons-to-hate//
Enough pain to make a nigga bleed-from-his-face//
I'm talking bout tears..but iBleed-on-the-base//
I'm talking bout snares..and it is very rare//
But when the problems are too much for me to bear//
Just pour me a cup and put a dutch up in the air// light-that! Yea..iLike-that!//
I'll be right-back to reality-soon//
You'll see smoke clouds when you enter back-in-my-room//
But it was too much stress that iHad-to-consume//
It was polluting my iGrabbed-me-a-broom//
After-the-fumes hit-my-lungs..bitch-I'm-done//
And once the liquor hits my liver I'm no longer crying rivers//
Now I'm chilling in-a..euphoric-state//
Nigga the weed and liquor is all-it-takes//
I>>>>>>>>iFeel like iCan
Fly>>>>>>When the liquors by my
Side>>>>>Or when the weed gets me
High>>>>>Cause Sober Thoughts is killing me!
Everyday it seems the struggle-gets-worse//
iTried something but that other-shit-hurts//
Or iDug-in-my-purse//
Pocket..brought a dutch and rolled up-in-some-purp//
Ha..this shit got me feeling like the hulk//
But iAint too into it to buy it in bulk//
See my cousin just passed..and my uncle on the verge//
Hate to say it like that..but I'm at a lost for words//
And it's all adding up..and it's getting-on-my-nerves//
I'm about to join them whinos sitting-on-the-curb//
Telling old stories of some shit-iNever-heard//
Or some shit iNever-seen..see I'm turning hella-green//
Feeling real strong..but iCould feel stronger//
More liquor..less chase..make the feeling last-longer//
Mind in a daze when iPut my raps-on-a..nice-beat//
Roll should get like-me!//Now..
I>>>>>>>>iFeel like iCan
Fly>>>>>>When the liquors by my
Side>>>>>Or when the weed gets me
High>>>>>Cause Sober Thoughts is killing me!
The high's starting to fade away..iCan tell//
My rooms up in smoke..and it's covered in the smell//
Of that bitch Mary Jane..but she did-a-nigga-well//
She brought a nigga out when iWas living-in-a-hell//
No hope..iJust slipped-and-then-iFell//
In-it..losing breath every second..every minute//
Never finished..cause Sober Thoughts have No Limits//
Even P. Miller would bow down-to-this//
And ask for a liquid dark brown-to-sip//
Or roll up the piff..sit down-and-hit//
Get high and never wanna come down-again//
iFound-a-friend iCould run to-and-use//
The only other friend if it ain't musical//
But..don't worry I'm not abusing-you//
Hold up..I'm getting sober..damn, I'm losing-you!//
I>>>>>>>>iFeel like iCan
Fly>>>>>>When the liquors by my
Side>>>>>Or when the weed gets me

High>>>>>Cause Sober Thoughts is killing me!

& iDon't smoke or drink!!

iJust feel this way alot.
So much goes on in my life and in my mind that at times, iWant to get roasted!
But, iThink that's straight wack!
Also, I'm kind of getting at the ppl who do smoke and drink to escape reality.
Nigga, soon as you come down, reality will still be there, so you didn't change anything!
But um, take it how you want to.
Get whatever you can from it.

Mar 18, 2009

Charles Hamilton "Loser" Video

Had to post this!
This, "Music" & "Shining" are my shitttsssss! (can iSay shits?)


Mar 16, 2009

New blog by Charlie Hilton called "The Think Inc." Solely dedicated to up and coming artists who show promise through their wise and conscious craft.
Definately a dope blog concept and a dope ass idea. Make sure you all check it out!
And take a wild guess who'll be the first artist featured there????
:-D haha

Second Feature @ TH3 NEW REGIME
Big shout out to Chase & Lenny over at TH3 NEW REGIME (
Be sure to check out the blog. Check the feature and be sure to leave a comment!

"Falling Up''
April 30th


The Green Bandit

iWould like to introduce you all to my younger cousin, SPADES!
At 16 years old, he's definately on the right path with his music and mind state. He refuses to curse in his music, although he curses up a damn storm during regular conversation. And he drinks..but, his music definately doesn't highlight any of those. Shit, we do live in the Bronx!!
NOW, iHave heard alot of 16 year old rappers, especially being that I live in NY, but SPADES def has the potential to be one of the greater rappers. He is good with taking constructive criticism.

He takes the time to study hip hop as an artform and not only as a means of making money, which is hard to find in these youngings now-a-days! From when iFirst him on a beat to now, he has most certainly improved. One thing about me, iLove growth! To see someone/thing grow, is beautiful to me. iHate it when someone has been rapping for years and sounds the same! Ugh!!

Now I'm inviting you all to experience this wonderful growth. iMean, you'll be hearing from SPADES one way or the other cause he'll always be under my wing!! :-D


Mar 14, 2009

"Tired Of You"

And the moral of the story is..

..the only person standing in your way, IS YOU!

Beats By Dre

"Tired Of You" (Prod. by ME) should be playing now. It will be the bonus joint on "Falling Up"! Real real real shit in this song!! NOW,

Just refreshed the download link for the "Welcome To Medusaville" mixtape. If you don't have that or haven't heard it, be sure to download it now.

But yea, listening to WTM now with the Beats By Dre headphones! DOPE!!
Currently bumping ''I Represent..." by myself and the homie Elus. Please look him up because dude is talented like a mother!! For real...very insightful..raw/real hip hop from the heart. Helping to keep hip hop alive. So check him out at

P.S. - iWish iCould listen to the world thru these headphones.


Featured Artist @ (Unsigned Hype)

Check it out. Be sure to leave comments!

"Falling Up" drops April 30th :-D


Mar 10, 2009

"The Legend Of Medusa" (Aarrrrggghhh)

If I'm not mistaken, that's the name of the movie in which this clip is from that iJust watched!


Perseus just chopped her head off, damn coward!! Knew if he would've faced her man to woMAN she would've got in his ass. BECAUSE SHE IS A BAD BITCH!!

iProbably wouldn't of wanted to fuck with that^ either tho..haha!

Then these cowards pull this pussy ass bullshit!!



Mar 8, 2009

Falling Up

Just thought about this...."Falling Up" will be my first official project of 2009!! :-D

"No Effort Involved" was mainly old music, except about 3 joints. Well, 2, cause one of those songs were written a mighty long time ago.

"Falling Up" (F.U.) is all new material. 'iGot To Get It' & 'Hear Her Cries' are on this project. And 'Dr. Scholl's Soul' is available somewhere for your listening pleasures, but I'm not telling you where!!

All iAsk, is that you guys listen to EVERY WORD ON EVERY SONG of this project!!!

Ok..I'm David Blaine!


Mar 6, 2009

Track Listing for "FALLING UP"

For the record, I'm crazy excited about this "Falling Up" Project. It's 10 joints, completely from my heart. And iREALLY want you guys to LISTEN to every word in every song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. iGot To Get It [Prod. By B. Logik]
2. Holy Ghost [Prod. By B. Logik]
3. Out The Blue [Prod. By Niki]
4. The Winner Of Losers [Prod. By Black The Beast]
5. Kick Rocks [Prod. By B. Logik]
6. Dr. Scholl's Soul [Prod. By brandUn DeShay]
7. Hear Her Cries [Prod. By B. Logik]
8. Unmeasurable [Prod. By B. Logik]
9. Instant Gratification [Prod. By Charlie Hilton]
10. Unpredictable [Prod. By Malachi]

As you can see, everything is original. No industry tracks on here. No freestyles. Straight songs! And iThink I'm going to start calling myself the 2 verse assassin!!

"Falling Up" drops April 30th


"Falling Up" Artwork

She's doing her thing with the graphics and only getting better with time like aging wine. That ^ is the main cover for ''Falling Up''. (Dropping April 30th). And she made this next one, which is just an alternative cover that I'm putting out just for iFucking like it!!

That's ^ the alternative cover for "Falling Up"! Dope how she put the ''No Effort Involved'' into the iPod.. :-D

Once again, "Falling Up" will be dropping April 30th (lmao @ Falling 'UP' 'dropping' haha)


April 30th is also me and Nas 2 year anniversary!!!!!!!!! Feels like longer then that, but whatever..that's my love and we just getting stronger as time passes. Love you NAS!


Mar 4, 2009

New Job....

....@ American Eagle, down in SoHo (NY). iThink this is about my 3rd or 4th week working there. Cool people working there, crazy hours (really crazy), SHITTY PAY!

"..applying for new jobs and getting pay-cuts, and with this recession you can't say-much. Got to take-whats handed and stay-tough, make-bucks and stay away from them fake-fucks!"
-"Unmeasurable" by Frank Ramz (Prod. by B.Logik)

These hours got me rediculously tired, with a slight headache. iJust came home and took a nap. And Lord if my sleeping pattern ain't already fucked up!!!!!!! Shit!!!


that quote from "Unmeasurable" will be on my next project dropping APRIL 30TH called

:-D 10 tracks. Half of which are produced by B.Logik. I'll post the tracklisting later.
Just watch me ya'll.