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Mar 25, 2009

"On With The Show Vol. 3"

My homie, Hip-Hop's Savior, ELUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
Elus has just released his 3rd mixtape digitally and iGot it hear for ya'll!!
The link is:

This is the 3rd and final mixtape of Elus 'On With The Show' series. You can check out the first two on his myspace page (link @ bottom) or on , just type in Elus.
Be sure to download that! Hip Hop is most certainly NOT dead, & here is the proof!
"I Represent..." off of Medusaville is also on here (should be playing now) . Also my fellow Embassy members, G.P. & J-Slugz make an appearance on this mixtape!

Elus has a grind that is unmatched! Clever & witty lyrics being spoken by a very powerful voice. It's just.....Refreshing!! He is also one of the coolest dudes iKnow and is very informative. Has no problem lending a helping hand. Dude plugged me in with a few of my connects as far as getting my mixtape ready to be handed out physically!! He is also representing the BRONX, Elus is somebody you need to keep on your radar. Hip Hop is alive and doing very well!!!

You can also check him out @


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