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Apr 16, 2010

"Who Beat That Is?"

(That's the alternate cover..not too different from the original. Frankenstein's face is grey instead of white. Shouts to Charlie Hilton for whipping this up!)

Ok. As you already know on my *Frankenstein* mixtape I took a beat from each of XXL's 2010 Freshmen & stomped on 'em. Everytime I tell ppl this they go thru each song & begin asking, ''hmm, who beat that is??'' So I'm going to tell err'body where each beat came from.

1. Frankenstein Intro
Of course this isn't one of them. This is simply an intro. But if you didn't know, I got the very beginning from (if I'm not mistaken) the original Frankenstein movie. The part where I begin rapping is a song I did on my 2nd project *Welcome To Medusaville* & the song is called "Frankenstein". If you didn't know, that's Kanye's beat called "Addiction". Ok, this will prob be the most writing you'll see in this post. Everything else will just be me telling you mofo's the artist and name of the original song.

2. Practice Run
Nipsey Hussle - "Hussle Is My Last Name"

3. Turbulence
Wiz Khalifa - "This Plane"

4. Heaven Sent
Big Sean Ft. Kanye West - "Glenwood"

5. What It's Hitting Like
Donnis - "Gone"

6. The Terrorist
Pill - "Glass"

7. Monster Bash
Jay Rock Ft. Lil' Wayne - "All My Life (Ghetto)"

8. More Sober Thoughts
Freddie Gibbs Ft. Pill - "Do Wrong"
Ok, there's a history behind the title of this one. As you can see it says "MORE Sober Thoughts". That's because when I heard the beat it kind of gave me the same mood that I feel when I hear "Sober Thoughts". That beat was produced by Charlie Hilton & it's also off of my *Welcome To Medusaville* project.

9. Juiced Up!
Ay!! Ay!! Ay!! Ok!!
OJ Da Juiceman Ft. Gucci Mane - "Make The Trap Aye"

10. Dope $#!T
Fashawn Ft. Blu - "Samsonite Man"
Oh, & the title came from this shirt which was given to me by my homies @ Lemon Hi!! Shouts to Aaron & Ian aka BadNewsRapDudes.

11. Give Me Room
J. Cole - "Grown Simba"

Everything else is not from a freshmen, just random instrumentals.

12. Quick Strike (Extended Version)
Lloyd Banks Ft. Juelz Santana - "Beamer, Benz Or Bentley"
A while back Charlie Hilton suggested that I did one of my infamous youtube videos going over this beat. I did the video & really liked the beat so decided to do an extended version for the tape.

13. 150%
Snoop Dogg Ft. KiD CuDi - "That Tree"

14. Get Right To It
I honestly have no clue. All I know is it was produced by Cookin' Soul. If you know whose song this is let me know.

And I think that's about it. You can check out the review done by Antoinette below. Shouts to Vick over @ Re-Up Spot for hosting the tape & helping me get these beats together.

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