Medusa Welcomes You!

Sep 29, 2009

The "Seeing Sounds" Blog!

Please be sure to check out my baby Nas Ramz new blog site called Seeing Sounds! As she stated, it's like a window into her world! She covers things that interest her from music, fashion, poem, her artwork, news & much more! Oh yea, I am also a writer over there as well! :-D

So far over there you can find a nice interview with Trey Songz in which he discusses his celebrity sex life + more, Mashonda's open letter to Alicia Keys, a Battle Of The Sexes (Women Cheating Vs. Men Cheating) & now Male & Female celebs leaked...Naked!!

Be sure to check it out regularly, subscribe to it..all that!


Sep 23, 2009

"Show Em How To Move" Video

Lyrics below! And here is the audio rip of the video courtesy of my HILKOO family!!

Frank Ramz - "Show Em How To Move" (Audio Rip)


not another brother can maneuver like me, word to my mother I'm as smooth as ice be.
biting through you fuckers with some cougar like teeth, & I can turn your lover to my newest wifey.
but thats unlikely..cause I dnt like she, she fuck with them lil' niggaz..they doing the light feet.
they doing the chicken noodle..what's up with this chickens' noodles?, Ramz a pit bull she kicking it with them poodles.
them niggaz bark..but I'd rather bite, the more the better..I got a huge appetite.
we going to the top but I got a faster flight, so when you catch up with'll be your afterlife.
so please pass the mic to a rapper that can use it better, if you abuse it we gone start up a huge vendetta.
so you should let a professional get crazy on it then, ..make sure you pull out some paper & a pen. cause ima.. I step back in the mix..with the raps that I spit..& the tracks that I rip.
couple cats on my could act like a bitch..cause we racing..but I be overlapping them pricks.
so they hating..tryna say I'm basic, I just took initiative while ya'll niggaz was waiting.
all the time you wasting..talking bout the moves that you making, you still in your moms moved to the basement.
you dudes are mistaken..I'm hotter then you'd ever be, 360 dropping to the 70's.
that just means my hustle is never ending, & if they listen to music it's me they recommending.
to you..if you want something true, & even the fake niggaz can go & bump it too.
cause everytime I rap I black with great quotes, so you should just sit back..relax & take notes.


Sep 21, 2009

"It's On" Ft. ThreatZ

Here's another joint off of *Prestige & Promise* that I decided to release on this #musicmonday called "It's On!" featuring my Bronx homie ThreatZ. Click it below b*tches!!

Sep 17, 2009

"Showtime" Ft. HiCLAS! (Lyrics)

Frank Ramz Ft. HiCLAS! - "Showtime"

I just found out via my homie Rogo that this song was on a blog! Huh? It's on!
And I personally dnt like how my vocals sound so just in case there is a time during this verse in which you mofo's dnt know what I'm saying..just click the above link and read along!

I'm far from the regular..bars that'll level ya, barge thru ya squad I'm too hard for competitors.
I got a whole armory..arson..etcetera, go blow for blow..and exchange scars with the predator.
call me one hell of a..guy with the eyes of a tiger, the heart of a lion when I ride on you nigers!
we shining..go cover up your eyes with some visors, I love me slide up inside her.
with no rubber..the flow butter now get the butter knife, watch me spread it over the beat..I bet you love it right?
real lyrics never a gimmick cause I'm the rugid type, get up off my genitals dog thats for my other wife.
I hug the mic like my life is depending on it, deliver shivers with a flow like December mornings.
it's so frios..bag em like do-ritos, you dudes never were real call em pino-chio.

As far as rap what you gonna do?, I never slack man I'm back on my number 2.
you falling short cause that's what all that slumber do, sleeping when you got room for improvement right in front of you.
I'm doing this for the Bronx..yea we here New York, HiCLAS is repping the Chi like he scared to talk.
You put the two together homie thats a scary thought, I'm on these haters like cologne..they trying to wear me off.
you was the first kid with Bow Wows newest poster, I'm looking now and thats the same thing you do with Soulja.
I was the kid with boiling water in his super soaker, got some loose screws..but I aint never lose composure.
my jams knock like a fat lady knees, more soul then a truck load of black a.c.g.'s
and we can do a one on one..ima hold mines, no Entourage for Ramzy..this is Showtime!


Sep 13, 2009

"Thanks, You're Welcome"

Here is the intro track off of *Prestige & Promise* called "Thanks, You're Welcome", produced by my homie B. Logik.

Sep 11, 2009


Keri Hilson's "Slow Dance" video!!! Good Googly Moogly!

Sep 10, 2009

Score & G.P. Freestyle

During my rooftop award celebration there was a nice freestyle session. I went first (still waiting on that footage) & then my two right hands who are way better than me finished it off!! This is only a little bit of it. Score starts it off & then G.P. is up next!! BIG shout out to the homies Roger & Troy! Very talented photographers and dope video directors/editors! Will be some collaborations between myself & them in the near future so look out for that!

Sep 4, 2009

"Not Too Far"

I did a nice little 7 hour session in the studio today. Didn't get to record everything I wanted but I did 19 so oh well. Anyway, here's one of the joints I did called "Not Too Far". Produced by Dax Miller!!

Whenever you feel like you're about to give up, remember it's not too far! Nothing can stop you..motivation >