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Jun 20, 2010

*Frankenstein* Review!

I'm super late posting this review here. I probably posted a link to it, but I decided to copy & paste the entire review here. You can check it out on REUP SPOT as well. Much love to Antoinette for the dope fucking review as well!!!!

Ok- it’s confession time- again. Until I downloaded the new mixtape: Frankenstein- Hosted by (released March 15) from Bronx, NY emcee Frank Ramz, I had never heard of him. I know…I know…I’m slippin’. The point is- from the cover artwork (which is, in and of itself pretty fly) to the 14 tracks of dopeness that can only come from a true disciple of hip hop, I’m happy to now be acquainted with his work.

To further add to my shame and embarrassment, I had a hard time placing some of the beats (usually a simple task for a radiohead like myself) but that’s a good thing. Even though Ramz does his thing over beats from Big Sean, Donnis, Jay Rock, Freddie Gibbs, Fashawn, J Cole and others; I found myself spending more time listening to the lyrics than concentrating on the music behind them, which should redeem me somewhat, as I am also a serious word-junkie. But enough about me….

I’ll start with the last two tracks: “150%” and “Get Right To It” for no other reason than that they’re the best on the project. Ramz shines on original production that showcases his natural and flawless flow. I freely admit to playing them more than once…which says a lot for someone with musical ADD who keeps the cursor fixed over the “forward” arrow. But again- enough about me.

“Turbulence” on which Ramz successfully and permanently murders the beat of Whiz Khalifa’s “This Plane”- is also an unexpected treat, although I’m sure my sisterhood card would be revoked if I didn’t mention that I cringed a little bit when I heard the line: ” Supply a quick flow/so I can get dough/for my niggas and spread ‘em around like germs/and raise the stock value of my sperm/so girls will let me put my balls on their sideburns….” Ummm…okay then. But Ramz’ occasional slips into the vulgar do little to detract from his rather colorful vocabulary and impressive timing.

“More Sober Thoughts” is deceptively smooth, relaxing you into a groove as it provides some insight on a struggling rapper’s attempts to escape reality…”just let me escape from the fate/this reality can break a nigga/and I don’t know how much more I can take/I relate to my niggas rollin’ weed, sippin’ Henny/ cuz we lookin’ for good times but we ain’t getting any…” It’s nice to hear the truth for a change. The slide into slow-mo at the end is pretty cool too.

Although some of the lyrics on Frankenstein are a lil “mannish” for my taste (e.g. “now I don’t wanna go out shorty/don’t give me a call/ unless you planning on lickin’ my balls”…classy), I’m definitely a fan. It was certainly a bonus to get to the end of a mixtape and not be sick of it. I’m most definitely looking forward to his upcoming projects: Frankly Speaking and Quite Frankly.

From the front to the back, Frankenstein is an optimistic look at what I only hope will become the norm in hip hop. I’m just crazy enough to think the tide is turning and P. Diddy’s days on the mic are numbered. After 10 years in the biz- I don’t think it will be much longer before the self-proclaimed “reality rapper” can buy his moms that house down South. Hope springs eternal…

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Jun 11, 2010

*No Fly Zone* COMING SOON!!

Courtesy of Wingspan.


Jun 4, 2010

Video! "Down In The BX" by Shortman Score & Frank Ramz

Uh Ha Haa! Recorded Wednesday, June 2nd, and here in it's entirety on Friday, June 4th. No budget, no speakers, #NoPussyFooting! This is the 1st single off of *No Fly Zone* which should be dropping late this summer. Be sure to follow Shortman Score & myself & keep yourself updated with what's going on.

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