Medusa Welcomes You!

May 27, 2009

Charlie Hilton Presents: *GOOD FOOD*

Get your plates, forks, spoons and napkins @ the ready ladies & gentlemen because *Good Food* is here!

Charlie Hilton Presents : *Good Food*

You can also check it out @ 2DopeBoyz & my home away from home, Pigeons And Planes!


May 25, 2009


So my love has finally started up her blog site, NasFX. I am most certainly proud of her for this. There she will be showcasing her artistry for all to see. Be sure to swing thru there and check it out. Even better, become a follower!

In case you didn't know, she is responsible for the artwork of *No Effort Involed*, *Falling Up* & my soon to be released project, *Make The Road By Walking*. Once again, go to the site to check it all out!


May 15, 2009

*Falling Up* Show Footage!

Courtesy of the good folks at & InTheLoopNY. Good Look!!


May 13, 2009

"Make The Road By Walking" (Next Project)

I'm not really going to get deep into details on this one.
Just know that the writing for it is completely DONE!
Next is the recording which will commence soon!
& this joint will be exclusively hosted by Pigeons & Planes!
Maybe some other place(s); illRoots, 2db'z?? who knows!

I have the artwork & all that, but I'll reveal once the recording starts!

ALSO, this project has not one curse word on it. The most I say is damn. :-D
It's crazy because my extra religious Aunt told me the other day that I will definately make it once I put out something without profanity.
*Make The Road By Walking*


2dopeboyz & illRoots

So 2dopeboyz has featured my "DopeRamz" & *Falling Up*. Check it here...

& illRoots has featured *Falling Up*

thats all


May 12, 2009

May 11th *Falling Up* Show

Last night was great!!!

Definately didn't have the turn out I wanted, but I still put on a great show as if the venue was packed. And I still made that damn club their money!

Big shout out to my homie G.P. for holding me down on the stage & to everyone who showed up! You guys realized how important this night was to me, and for that I love ya'll from the bottom of my heart!

To those who didn't show up, forget I exist! Moving on....

So the little asian lady at The Annex tried to get me for $70. At first I spoke to her with just myself and my man Score, but she tried to play me. Talking to me in a very disrespectful manner, so I came back in there with about 14 dudes. Now I didn't want to be black, but if you would've heard how she was talking to me, YOU probably would've smacked her!

Follow me, I was supposed to give them $120, which I gave them up front. Any money that they made from that point on from the ppl who didn't purchase a ticket from me goes into my pocket. There were 7 ppl in attendance who didn't have tickets and paid at the door. So that is $70 I should've had. Little Chun-Li gives me $20 and expects me to stay quiet??? NAAA

Even the security guard understood where I was coming from, so she was all alone. I don't believe in hitting females at all, but if there would've been a female there, she would've got back handed!!

Anyway, like I said, the show was great!! I have some footage but it's very dark. So I'm waiting on In The L00p to edit the footage + interview and put it up on their site.

Oh yea, & check this out!! "DopeRamz" video exclusively at P&P & Live Lyricism!


May 8, 2009

Kwan Lee Presents: *Purple Pain*

Kwan Lee's first compilation is out now, titled *Purple Pain*. Reason for that title?, Kwan Lee states, "I want to be like Prince as far as production goes. Dude is a genius!"

Some production on here is most definately inspired by Purple Rain.
The compilation features myself & the others whose names appear in the above ^ picture!

May 2, 2009

I'm 2Dope...BOOOYY!

I'm 2dope..boy! (click that link damnit!)
Shake has a song off of *Falling Up*, "Hear Her Cries", in his tape deck! Hopefully he'll be posting the entire *Falling Up* soon!

And it's only going to get worst! I'm going VIRAL, along with Charlie Hilton. And Confusion too!!