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May 12, 2009

May 11th *Falling Up* Show

Last night was great!!!

Definately didn't have the turn out I wanted, but I still put on a great show as if the venue was packed. And I still made that damn club their money!

Big shout out to my homie G.P. for holding me down on the stage & to everyone who showed up! You guys realized how important this night was to me, and for that I love ya'll from the bottom of my heart!

To those who didn't show up, forget I exist! Moving on....

So the little asian lady at The Annex tried to get me for $70. At first I spoke to her with just myself and my man Score, but she tried to play me. Talking to me in a very disrespectful manner, so I came back in there with about 14 dudes. Now I didn't want to be black, but if you would've heard how she was talking to me, YOU probably would've smacked her!

Follow me, I was supposed to give them $120, which I gave them up front. Any money that they made from that point on from the ppl who didn't purchase a ticket from me goes into my pocket. There were 7 ppl in attendance who didn't have tickets and paid at the door. So that is $70 I should've had. Little Chun-Li gives me $20 and expects me to stay quiet??? NAAA

Even the security guard understood where I was coming from, so she was all alone. I don't believe in hitting females at all, but if there would've been a female there, she would've got back handed!!

Anyway, like I said, the show was great!! I have some footage but it's very dark. So I'm waiting on In The L00p to edit the footage + interview and put it up on their site.

Oh yea, & check this out!! "DopeRamz" video exclusively at P&P & Live Lyricism!



behold_a_lady said...

Congrats on the show, lmao chin chin tried to play u son.

precyse said...

hot headphones ;D