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Mar 4, 2009

New Job....

....@ American Eagle, down in SoHo (NY). iThink this is about my 3rd or 4th week working there. Cool people working there, crazy hours (really crazy), SHITTY PAY!

"..applying for new jobs and getting pay-cuts, and with this recession you can't say-much. Got to take-whats handed and stay-tough, make-bucks and stay away from them fake-fucks!"
-"Unmeasurable" by Frank Ramz (Prod. by B.Logik)

These hours got me rediculously tired, with a slight headache. iJust came home and took a nap. And Lord if my sleeping pattern ain't already fucked up!!!!!!! Shit!!!


that quote from "Unmeasurable" will be on my next project dropping APRIL 30TH called

:-D 10 tracks. Half of which are produced by B.Logik. I'll post the tracklisting later.
Just watch me ya'll.


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