Medusa Welcomes You!

Mar 16, 2009

The Green Bandit

iWould like to introduce you all to my younger cousin, SPADES!
At 16 years old, he's definately on the right path with his music and mind state. He refuses to curse in his music, although he curses up a damn storm during regular conversation. And he drinks..but, his music definately doesn't highlight any of those. Shit, we do live in the Bronx!!
NOW, iHave heard alot of 16 year old rappers, especially being that I live in NY, but SPADES def has the potential to be one of the greater rappers. He is good with taking constructive criticism.

He takes the time to study hip hop as an artform and not only as a means of making money, which is hard to find in these youngings now-a-days! From when iFirst him on a beat to now, he has most certainly improved. One thing about me, iLove growth! To see someone/thing grow, is beautiful to me. iHate it when someone has been rapping for years and sounds the same! Ugh!!

Now I'm inviting you all to experience this wonderful growth. iMean, you'll be hearing from SPADES one way or the other cause he'll always be under my wing!! :-D



SPADES said...

cant wait tO hear his latest ;p
the kid is quiet nice tO me. hahaa
im a funny yOunq dude... & quiet dOwn On my ho[O]d prOfie, drinkinq.? me.? uh uh, never heard Of a such thinq... aight, "..back to the tOpic rappin i gOt this..." - Juicer [By Frank Ramz)


behold_a_lady said...

ima check him out