Medusa Welcomes You!

Jan 5, 2009


"Cause I'm High!!! And iDon't Need No Rehab Nigga!!!"
(Should be playing...wait til you hear it tho)

Khareen is the shit...again!

Before my dumb ass accidently deleted my entire album, iHad an entry talking about Khareen and how much iAppreciate the things she has done and the things she is doing for me now.

Well thanks to her, iGot a 5 hour block studio session this coming friday, free of charge...somewhere deep out in Brooklyn, but whatever.

So far iGot two joints iKnow that I'm recording for some beats from Sir Hilton that I'm currently working on also.

But the main point of this session is because some dude Khareen knows is making a movie similar to "JUICE" and he is digging my songs (mainly 'Rainy Days', 'I Represent...' & 'Sober Thoughts'). So I'm simply going in to record some fresh new joints!! :-D

iWill most certainly let you guys know how this goes down...!!!


1 comment:

Charlie Hilton said...

No Rehab is dope man - it has a cool timbo vibe. If you want some keys played on the hook or something let me know.

Thank god you got that 5 hour block moved back...