Medusa Welcomes You!

Jan 16, 2009


  • iWill be performing at End Of the Weak (E.O.W.) this sunday down at the Pyramid.
  • Studio next friday laying down some new ish for ya'll.
  • My whole team will be performing at The Annex on the 26th. Hype about that cause it will be our first time all on the stage together! :-D
  • Jan 27th, iWill be in $1000 showcase at the Pyramids Training Camp

Got damnit! I'm tired already from these shows.

Note to any artist reading this shit, DO NOT get all caught up in these shows, unless you're getting paid for it! This shit can really blind you. If you do partake in them, take advantage of the networking. Don't let these showcases try to put a rating on your skill. Just continue making good music and don't let shit stop you! Umm...yea


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brandUn DeShay said...

good luck on the show man, this could be a real inspirational week for you. goin in the studio and performin.

and thanks for the love on my blog. i really appreciate that.