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Jan 16, 2009

2008..(my late summary)

Now that iReally sit down and think about it, 2008 was a motherfucking great year for me!!!

*NYE of 08 was cool as shit !!! If you don't know about it, you'll never know about it, and it's gone stay that way! But trust me when iSay it was popping (a word iDont usually use) and iEnjoyed myself!

*In February, iGot my fucking driving license...wooohoooo!! Funny tho, its almost a year and my shit is basically suspended now. But still you can catch me cruising in Roxy!

*Came out with two mixtapes...'UNDENIABLE' in July, which was basically some old material simply showcasing my ability to make commercial music and hot songs...all around good music tho! Then 'Welcome To Medusaville' in September, which was me allowing everyone to see how life looks thru my glasses.

*iCame to realize that my performance game is top notch. Every showcase iWas in, iEither came in first or second place...except one in which iFucked up my 3rd verse and freestyled it. Mind you, my freestyled verse was better than those other dudes mixtapes, but since iMessed up they took points off...whatever!

*Got cool with my younger sister who was a product of my sperm doners creeping! She's mad cool...supposed to be meeting up with her and my other siblings sometime soon hopefully!

*Around the summer time in 08, iRealized my purpose in life is to inspire, motivate and breed positivity..and music will be a helpful tool in doing main outlet!

*My fellow Embassy member, J-Slugz, came out with his first mixtape late in 08 called '820 MuNny BloK' !

*Met some great producers this year, Charlie Hilton, Niki, Killjoy and a few others!

* could iForget...??? iMet my manager, Khareen in 08...and thanks to her, 09 is looking even better already!

*iLost my cousin in 08, but that lead to this extra drive, motivation, determination and dedication....YEA!! R.I.P. Cameron!!!



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Charlie Hilton said...

2009 is a major stepping-stone period for you. I wish you the very best and I hope to be, musically, a part of it.