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Feb 1, 2009 T.he L.ies Movement (09)

Now in full effect is the T.he L.ies Movement, 2009 and beyond!

This goes for everybody, even my own team. No one is an exception. It is too much damn lying going on in niggaz rhymes and it's getting annoying.
Niggaz are just openly rapping about shit that we all know aint true. Shit that doesnt even have a inch of true-ness in it! What do niggaz lie about??

- Having mad money...
*Having alot of material things... (cars, clothes, houses etc.)
- Fucking mad 'bitches'...
- Busting/having guns...
- Selling any type of drugs...
- iHeard niggaz lie about having family issues (smh)

Umm, it's more than that, but that's what iCan think of for now. Got any more?, let me know.
Bottom line, the lies need to come to an end. Anybody can be down with the STL Movement as long as you're honest. Simply keep it real and support real shit.


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Cool Musik said...

You gotta remember bruh "Rap is art not a biography bruh"

dats y i rap as Micheal Young History

Dont take my quote either its my CD name lol

but real shit niggas and bitches stop lyin i kno so many niggas lyin on they dick lmCOOLao