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Feb 24, 2009

Two! For The Show

Let me start this off by saying, iDon't like too many artist, iDon't feel they are worthy.

iFirst got wind of this dope artist thru a random ass email. iActually take time to listen to every artist that hits me up and what not. Normally, iEnd up listening to they music player, and that's that, name forgotten in the next 2 seconds. BUT, this dude, brandUn deShay, caught my ear. Same day iHeard him iPut the homie Charlie Hilton onto him. iThink at that time iHad heard 'Go Fly A Kite' and 'Ocean of Stars', dnt quote me on that tho.

Decided to download Vol: One! For The Show..and was impressed. Maybe the quality of the recording and mixing couldve been better, but as far as lyrics, flow, substance, production, singing, all on point! Very talented dude.........

Anyhoot, this morning iBumped the entire Volume Two, and was immediately inspired. This project is definately something ya'll all need to get up on if you arent already up on deShay, for real. And once again, for those who know me, they know iDon't show love to most rappers cause they are not worthy. BD is fucking sick.....I'm done.

Be sure to go to and download that Two! For The yourself that favor.


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