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Feb 3, 2009

Barack Obama

A minute ago, iAsked alot of my friends and family members why did they vote for Sir Obama, and nobody had an excuse. Except for the fact that he's black! Some ppl may have great reasons for why they voted for Sir Obama, but to this day I've ask ppl the same question, and only a handful have a great reason, compared to a SHITLOAD who only picked him cause he's black. He's actually half and half.

Here's some shit iPut into my away message on AIM one morning after listening to an interview with KRS-One & Alex Jones. Only for the open minded so don't proceed if you're not.

"im not going against obama, im happy he's in office, but dnt mindlessly follow obama..that isnt american and it takes away your independent thought...what will black pres really do that will be diff from white pres? its all cosmeticshe's just another puppet just as bush wasif obama really brings about change and caters to the ppl, he may end up like kennedy and mlkall these years the gov been keeping us brainwashed...we have ben think thats simply going to go away because of our new black pres?basically, they are putting alot of shit on obama's plate..expecting him to fix everything that we all believe george bush fucked up...and then if he doesnt fix it...a very serious black & white feud begin....racism resurrected...the pres of the usa is like the manager of burger king..when your fries are cold, you want to speak with the never see the corporate niggaz who REALLY RUN SHIT!! the manager is just their puppet....random thoughts iRemember from this KRS One interview..real talk..good way to wake up..literally, figuratively and mentally...GOOD MORNINGin history, just because you have a black MANAGER dont mean shit..when the cities were really powerful, they didnt allow black ppl to run the city..but when the city fell, then you get a black mayor! "

Now that's some of the realest shit I've heard. You can google the shit yourself or youtube it. It's like 3 parts to it so be sure to listen to them all.


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