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Feb 7, 2009

Last Nights J-Dilla Tribute...

...was dope! Didn't stay the whole night cause iWas super tired but there were some nice female MC's lined up paying homage to Dilla including Jean Grae! Not too sure on the live bands name that were there (should be up on that flyer somewhere) but they were DOPE!! They kept me there for longer than iWanted to be. Doing an entire tribute to Dilla by playing alot of his work live for the crowd! GREAT!

There was also a dope ass artist there painting some shit right in front of my eyes. iWas just standing there watching. And she did it so fast. Her name is Alexandra Cespedes, google her.

When iWas leaving, another artist began drawing an actual portrait of Dilla. Looked like it was going to be nice, but iLeft. Cool night tho, wish iHad rested earlier in my day so iCould've stayed the entire night, but whatever.


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