Medusa Welcomes You!

Apr 17, 2009

'Ready Or Not' Freestyle..wtv

Shout out to the homie D-Dave for giving me the idea to do this and the homie Confusion for picking such a dope beat. Got me thinking about recording this just for the hell of it. And I also just wanted to drop off the lyrics too, cause I can do that!

It's over for you blood thirsty dummies//

No more selling Dreams; unless you bootlegging love versus money//

And thats why I fuck with Charlie Hiltons 'Good Food' cause these skinny motherf*ckers need some grub for they tummies//

And I'm glad I can serve 'em like subpoena//

Na man! I'm not a nerd just a genius//

I see shit thru these pretty brown frames//

So all the name callling really sounds lame//

It really sounds bogus; you really sound hopeless//

I just dropped *Falling Up*; I hope you download it//

And it's gone get hot when I switch styles//

You might start sweating so unzip the zip file//

That might've went over your dome//

But if I'm over your dome then I'm closer to home//

And it's nothing like living in fame//

No lime light in my hindsight when I fly like Pigeons And Planes//

Never staying still like pictures and frames//

No more window treatment; I ain't living in pain//

Na..more like everything is alright//

Illuminating darkness; I'm bringing more light//

So they think I'm a firefly trying to catch me flying by 'til I sting 'em all twice//

Now they screaming and bleeding; believe me you never felt such a painful thing in your life//

Fall back lil' scapper; I ain't into lil' rappers//

My good food to yall is a recipe for disaster//

And if thats what you want bone apetit//

I'm too far out your zone, holmes..pass your reach//

You can't box with the god of this//

Nigga I'm winning; my cigar is lit//

I'm sitting back lettin victory massage my dick//

I stole her frm Hova..winked at her then I told her come over//

After that she deep throatin my soldiers//

After that..she behind me strokin my shoulders//

And f.y.i. to the haters I ain't letting her kill them thoughts if you hopin to hold her//

And life is my new game nigga; and I aint never ever lettin go the controller//


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