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May 18, 2010

Shortman Score - "Go DJ" Freeverse

Here's my brother from another mother, Shortman Score(seize) reciting a little something he wrote to Weezy's "Go DJ" instrumental. Below you can check out my latest video of me going over Timbo's "Carry Out" instrumental as well. Basically, Score & I are working on a new project together called *No Fly Zone*. We are one song away from being finished with the writing and then it's on to the recording stages. This will hopefully be dropping late in the summer & it's sounding rediculous. You can also check some of his music out on his soundcloud page.


1 comment:

behold_a_lady said...

hot!!! can't wait to hear it " you n!ggaz hit the brakes but i hit the gas quicker!" niceeee