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Sep 16, 2010

Let's Talk....

I rarely talk on this damn thing. Sometimes I find myself wanting to say some shit, but I don't know where to. I don't like blabbering off at the mouth on twitter too much, so fuck it, let's talk here.

Since before I released *The Best of Frank Ramz* back in January, I have been writing for my next solo project titled *Quite Frankly*. Back then I had about 50 tracks for this project, then I chopped 'em down to about 30-something, but now I'm back to about 52. I've been going over and over and over and over every track for the past 2 or 3 months to make sure everything feels and sounds right!

With ALL of my other projects, there wasn't any real plan. I wrote all of them quickly, recording all of them quickly, and put them out quickly. This one will be the complete opposite. Well, individually, each song was written quickly, but that's it. This will also be the 1st project where I will record soooo many songs and pick out the best 16 or so for the project. Lord knows what I'ma end up doing with the rest of the tracks. I will not be rushing to record these songs. If I need to take an entire session just to make sure one track sounds the way that I want it to, then so be it. I will also be taking my time getting everything mixed, making sure everything sounds the way that I hear it in my head. And once everything is mixed, I will be sitting down (possible with a very special few who's opinions I trust) to pick out the very very best tracks out the 50+ to make the final cut for *Quite Frankly*.

Also, I've never really had any features on any of my projects. Except for my homie Elus on *Welcome To Medusaville* & *Falling Up*. This time around, I will be reaching out to a few of my peers for features. I'll be totally honest with you, I don't think some of them will deliver. But @ the end of the day, my show still goes on without them & will still be great without them. I should begin recording this project by no later than Nov or Dec 2010.

Ohh yeaa, of course if you've been following me and/or this blog, you've noticed the product that Shortman Score & myself have been putting out. Everything is off of our upcoming project titled *No Fly Zone*. This project is completely recorded, we simply have to go back for a mixing session and everything will be ret ta go! This should be getting released either this month or next month, but don't quote me on that. Just know that it's coming soon as fuck!


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