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Nov 6, 2010

Opinion Vs. Hate (Time To RAMble)

There's alot of ppl who are afraid to or just don't give their opinions on alot of things because they don't want their personal opinion to be labeled as hatred. Opinion & hate are two completely different things! You can easily tell when someone is truly hating on something. But alot of ppl label opinions as hate when they don't agree with that persons opinion.

ie: Someone voices their opinion on one of my songs. "Oh that new Ramz shit is weak, the beats cool but his verse is mediocre at best." Then once I see that comment I instantly deem it as hate, simply because I don't agree with it. That right there is complete bullshit!! People are entitled to their opinion no matter if it's negative or positive.

Because of this, ppl are supporting alot of wack shit and saying that certain songs/artists are dope when they know in the back of their minds, that artist/song sucks walrus nuts!

People always wonder why I don't retweet they shit, post it, etc. Simple, I'm not supporting anything that I don't like. I do not care how cool I am with a person, if I don't personally enjoy their product, I'm not passing it on to ppl who follow me. Then those ppl will be like, 'Ramz, wtf is this bullshit you made me listen to?'

Alot of artists have superb grinds, but the music they produce is the exact opposite of superb. I'd get a song with damn near anybody, as long as it their song. As far as my songs, I would NOT let anybody get on my shit. I'd really have to like your music and respect your art.

Oh and yea I know I'm talking about music, but this is true for alot of shit. Someone can design a jacket and show the sketch to ppl on facebook, one person may say, "Oh that jacket looks just like one that I saw in H&M. Be more creative when designing clothing." And ppl will call that person a HATER! BULLSHIT!

But ummm, yea. Just had to let that shit out. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE btw opinion and hate. Learn the difference bitches! & learn how to man up when someone gives you their opinion on something that you may be doing, pussies.


Shout out to Dan for this *No Fly Zone* promo pack titled *Turbulence*. The promo pack includes both videos off of *NFZ* and every track (mp3) that we've released thus far off of the project as well. You are ALL more than welcome to voice your opinions about this project and anything else that I'll ever do or that I've ever done.


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