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Aug 16, 2011

Frankenstein II: Fuck Yall (Mixtape)

Felt like rapping over some industry beats. Racks (dan, midnight kid), 6 Foot (malik), Coolin (ramzy1), Im A Boss (ramzy2), Red Nation (wingspan), 100 Hunnit (dj illdub), Dreams Money Can Buy (shaekwon) & Otis (legacy). Asked a few folk on twitter & fb for some beat suggestions & did the damn thing. Big shout out to Wingspan for the cover & my brother Smooth for allowing me the chance to record this shit in a few hours. Hope yall like it, & if ya dont, Fuck Yall!

*Frankenstein: Fuck Yall (Mixtape)* (Full Download)

Love to those who've posted it thus far:

Deal With No Deal
Reup Spot
Ruby Hornet
It's The Official
Pigeons & Planes
Revolt Radio

- Frankenstein

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