Medusa Welcomes You!

Dec 19, 2008

"Welcome To Medusaville" RUNDOWN

Ok..basically, Medusaville, aka the Loser's Hill, is in my mind. The place where iLounge at.
Where did that name come from?
Simple, my glasses. They are versaci, and the logo for versaci is Medusa's head. iSimply added the ville.
And this mixtape is allowing you all to see thru my eyes into Medusaville!

WELCOME !!!!!!!

1. Welcome To Medusaville

Self explanatory..

2. Frankenstein

One of my 3 venting/freestyle type of tracks. Had alot on my mind. Came to the realization that, I'm dead nice and iWill forever live thru my music.

3. Young, Fresh & Cool

My fun song. iLove having fun with music, and this is an example of it. Feeling very young, just turned 21. Fresh, not physically, but mentally. iBelieve most things are a mind state. And cool, probably the coolest loser you'll ever see in your life.

4. I Represent...

ELUS WHAT UP!?!? Was in my house one day, starving...didnt really have shit to eat. iHad money to buy some food, but not having nothing in my house reminded me of a couple years back when shit was hard. Letting niggaz know that we all in the same struggle and we can all make it out of this struggle!

5. Bring My Heart

Everytime iTouch the mic iGive you the real...100% Ramzy. iLove the chorus on this one...
"You get whatevers coming to you when you do something dumb,
That guilty feelings running thru you; you can;t do nothing fun.
Whatever you do in the darkness will come straight to the light,
Thats why iAlways bring my heart with me when iCome to the mic."

6. Friend Zone

Another fun track..and true! I've been in the friend zone before and used it to my advantage. I'm good with jedi mind tricks iGuess cause alot of my homies arent too successful in the friend zone...hmmm.

7. Sober Thoughts

Iight! iUsually dont complain about this mixtape, iDid. Not so much complaining, but letting you know whats bothering me and whats going in my life. Ppl usually think because iDont talk about my problems that iHave none, or since im not always sad and depressed as they are, my problems arent as bad as theirs. NIGGA PLEASE
Listen to this song. Basically, when I'm sober, iThink too damn much, and shit starts hurting. And iWish iCould just be constantly high and drunk out my mind. To be numb and not feel shit!

8. Forensics

Hahaha! Back in lehman highschool, iWas digging this one girl. She wasnt digging me, didnt even know iExisted. We graduated, bumped into each other a few years later. She sees that I'm doing my music thing and iMight make it somewhere, and iGot a little outfit on, so now, she wants in!! Bitch please!!!!!!!

9. Runnin' Up

Number 2 of my vents! Had niggaz hating, money issues, wack rappers left and right...blah blah etc. I'M TIGHT!

10. Do U Believe

Hmmm..this was inspired by someone. Real smooth feel to it, iDef need to get on more jazz like beats. iStill do believe in love at first sight!

11. Gas Up & Ride

Yea its cold now, and currently snowing like a bitch...but when iWas writing this, it was late August, still pretty nice out. And everybody likes to feel good while in the whip, especially when its a nice day. You can just roll down the windows and ride around with no final destination.

12. Juicier

The 3rd vent. G.P. said this one is his favorite. iReally let some shit off my chest at the end of this one. iStarted writing this one just to go in, but ended up getting personal...fuck it, my life = music so why not

13. Take A Ride

Iight, let me say this, my engineer (Nu York) put auto tune on my voice. Also on sober thoughts! iNever said, ''yo York, put the auto tune effect on me". Na, but shit sounds good...and iThink auto tune is cool for songs like this, with a techno feel to it. Another fun song...fantasy like....

14. Still Broke

When iWrote this iHad just came from doing a show in VA, made a nice amount of bread out there...and iHad just won $1000 at the Pyramid....niggaz thought iWas balling...BUT, that money was gone before it touched my hand. A nigga had things to do and bills to pay at the moment...had to let niggaz know that I'm STILL BROKE and ready to bite a nigga head off!!!!

umm, iThink thats about it..every song on here is dead real (except for Take A Ride, iJust had fun with that)..a peek into my life!

And um, dont tell nobody, but iWill grant you all access into Medusaville of the mixtapes I'm working on is called

"Medusaville (Revisited): The ProdcutShunned"
All tracks will be written and produced by Frank Ramz!

hoLLa @ me


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Charlie Hilton said...

The Welcome To Medusaville hook was really dope.