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Dec 21, 2008

"Soul Food" Samplers

iJust uploaded two joints off of my next mixtape called "Soul Food" onto imeem. The playlist is over there >> to the right to the right.
The first one is called "You Name It". iSimply couldnt think of a name for this one so iNamed it, you name it!
The chorus just popped up out of no where at the last minute, iWas thinking about Pippi Longstockings and the song that her and her pirate pops sung while on the ship!

Life Is A Breeze
We Live It For Fun
No Apologies
To Any One
We Live On The Seas
We Do As We Please

And the second joint is "In Music iTrust". The sample is my homie Teddy P...iFucking love that song, Kanye flipped it on this one for Do Or Die....its mines now! Ima just let ya'll listen to that one

But um yea, those are the only two that are recorded thus far due to lack of finances...shit, studio time isnt free! The whole mixtape is finished as far as the writing goes tho..just stay on the look out!


1 comment:

Charlie Hilton said...

Feeling them alot. Very soulful vibe.

'You Name It' is dope.

I only got to play 30 seconds of 'In Music I Trust' for some reason... Sounds ill though.